Update v352488 Test

  1. Pips can no longer walk through closed doors when walking around corners.
  2. Park and Nature Reserve actually apply their morale bonuses to Duplicants that enter them.
  3. Balance pass on geysers, bringing up the rates of some of the Gas Vents, and also reducing the rates of the Cool Slush Geyser.
  4. The min and max outputs of all geysers has been narrowed, reducing the variability between instances of the same geyser somewhat.
  5. Ores and items should no longer float midair when removed from a storage.
  6. Duplicants should do a better jobs of completing multiple recipes in a row on fabricator buildings.
  7. Wood Generator audio added.
  8. Arbor Trees can no longer create branches after they’ve been uprooted.
  9. New foods added and updated (Pacu Fillet, Surf n Turf, Grilled Pacu, Mushroom Wrap, Spicy Tofu and Frost Burger).
  10. A balance pass on all foods has been done.
  11. Updated Monument artwork.
  12. Fluids/Gasses in dead-end pipes will flow towards a destination.
  13. Scrolling once again works in the Hats dropdown.
  14. The selected object’s detail panel will remember the current tab across selections, until that window is closed.
  15. Tree branches will correctly uproot themselves if the tree trunk is uprooted.
  16. Crops which are fully grown will drop their harvest when uprooted.
  17. Fixed a bug where effects and products wouldn’t spawn if a crop’s farm tile/planter box was destroyed.
  18. Updated Chinese strings.
  19. Crushing Salt to Table Salt now creates sand instead of vanishing the remaining mass.
  20. Rust Deoxydizer now has higher input rates, but outputs Iron Ore in addition to its previous outputs.
  21. Colony Imperative list scrolls to reveal newly achieved Initiatives.
  22. Effects added to achieving an Initiative.
  23. Rewriting and editing of various Log Entries.
  24. Pips can now plant Sleet Wheat seeds.
  25. Six Work-in-progress tutorial animations have been added to Tutorial Notifications and Tutorial Database entries.
  26. Cleaned up the top menu buttons (Vitals, Consumables, etc.): Made reports a "mini" button, moved Schedule from the clock to the menu bar, and added a button to open the escape menu.
  27. Monument part selection save/loads properly.
  28. Light requirements have been removed from rooms.
  29. The bonus from working a machine in light has been raised to 15%.
  30. Floor Lamp now gives positive decor.
  31. "Join" intersections for conduits (where more than one pipe tries adding to the intersection) will now merge similar elements if possible, resulting in much better throughput.