Update v210794

  1. Fertilization tuning, plants require more fertilizer, fert maker produces less.
  2. Bristle blossoms have a lower max temperature.
  3. Dupes should no longer get stuck trying to go through locked pneumatic doors.
  4. Dupes should no longer get stuck trying to attack creatures that are no longer in reach.
  5. Loading a save game from the main menu no longer causes music to behave strangely.
  6. Plants should no longer fail to produce their crop if they become stifled/died soon after being harvested.
  7. Geysers should spawn once again(they will still sometimes become ridiculously overpressurized).
  8. Zero mass falling liquid should no longer cause a crash.
  9. Coal generator should take much longer to overheat.
  10. Himble reeds should properly grow when submerged and be stifled when exposed.
  11. Pufts should no longer fail to produce slime.
  12. Mush bars should now give you diarrhea.
  13. Iron gut should now actually prevent disease, instead of causing it.
  14. Doors should properly deconstruct and no longer leave behind magical untranslated steel.
  15. Deconstructing a building which had a missing foundation when loading a save game should no longer crash the game.
  16. Pausing the game for a long time while in an overlay should no longer cause the game to run out of memory.
  17. Support for language specific fonts.
  18. Support for chinese character set using a language specific font.