Update v354426 Test

  1. Updated strings for colony initiatives.
  2. Many strings bugfixes.
  3. Icons show up correctly on the starmap screen.
  4. Fix a crash when connecting pipes.
  5. New artwork for saltwater geyser.
  6. Fix for the monument generating too awesome of decor and crashing the game.
  7. Further formatting for database entries, new entry for Priorities.
  8. Updated artwork for Airborne Critter Lure.
  9. Sandbox tools now have translatable strings.
  10. "Rock Granulator" is renamed to the "Amalgamator".
  11. Fix an intermittent crash when pipes are merging contents.
  12. Clean up some log warnings that were causing lag.
  13. Guard against some crashes when a building tries to convert "nothing".
  14. Renamed Dr. McClintock to Dr. Broussard in the log messages.
  15. Updated Chinese translations.
  16. Algae Terrarium no longer crashes the game if modded.
  17. Room types are now properly sorted in the Rooms overlay.
  18. Aero Pot has its own positive decor now.
  19. Tofu animation positioned correctly on Microbe Musher.
  20. The conversion ratios of in-world saltwater and brine have been brought in line with their expected salinity.
  21. Disabled a UI effect that was causing a lot of lag whenever a details panel or management window was open.