Update v355817 Test

  1. Updated sound effects for the saltwater geyser.
  2. Ladder/Tile building replacement has been removed for launch.
  3. Sound effects for Duplicant shuffling on the crew selection screen.
  4. More colony initiatives added.
  5. Jet suits now work the same as Atmo suits: they collect all the "output" from the Duplicant and release it on unequip.
  6. Jet suits no longer magically drain Bladder.
  7. Added arrow buttons to the Asteroid select screen.
  8. Added more stats to the colony summary screen.
  9. UI Scale slider doesn’t set the scale until the cursor is released. Fixes an issue where the scale would bounce wildly while adjusting.
  10. Duplicants will now consider a atmo/jet suit which is 95% full to be "full enough" to use.
  11. Fix a crash when trying to play music tracks.
  12. Desalinator is now flippable, not rotatable.
  13. Decor plants once again count towards a Room’s decor requirements.
  14. Muckroots and Hexalents count as ’wild plants’ for parks and nature reserves.
  15. Added some missing icons to concepts in the Database.
  16. Adjusted asteroid difficulty rankings. Thanks for your extensive feedback, everyone!
  17. Updated artwork for Aluminum.
  18. Skill Upgrade animation sound effects added.