Update v357226

  1. Fix muted video playback.
  2. Fix crash when viewing an old colony’s summary graphs.
  3. Fixed the height of the park sign.
  4. Updated Korean translations.
  5. Updated Chinese translations.
  6. Added new Colony Initiatives/Achievements.
  7. Fix problem where newly earned initiatives would not update on the summary screen.
  8. Summary screen no longer crashes if two colonies have the same name.
  9. Updated game credits.
  10. Fix numerous strings typos.
  11. Make more strings translatable.
  12. Fix glitchy Duplicant portraits on the colony summary screen.
  13. World traits can now be "exclusive", so Metal Rich/Metal Poor and Geoactive/Geodormant can’t roll on the same world.
  14. Boulder world traits will less frequently appear on the same world.
  15. Corrected the in-conduit colours of ethanol, ethanol gas, and sour gas.
  16. Hatch diets now include aluminum ore and electrum.
  17. Added two new meteor showers, one with Copper meteors, and one with Gold meteors.
  18. Squeaky Pufts now appear in Rust biomes.
  19. Puft temperature ranges widened and made unique per species.
  20. The Serum Vial now takes Steel instead of Wolframite to craft.
  21. Automation sensor statuses now use red/green terminology.
  22. Automation ports show their descriptions when hovered while building an automation wire.
  23. Fix for several cases where fabricator buildings would stop being worked even when there were open orders.
  24. Tweaked skill names and descriptions.
  25. Remove references to "Toxic" elements.
  26. Solid Boosters now actually consume their fuel.
  27. Additional colony summary charts, now with colors!
  28. Steam Achievements are no longer earned after Sandbox mode is enabled.