Update v358267

  1. Renamed the "Tune Up for What?" initiative to "Finely Tuned Machine".
  2. Updated achievement icons.
  3. Updated Chinese translations.
  4. Colony timelapses now save out correctly -- show us what you’ve got!
  5. Many building status items which were showing "{Item]" and similar now actually have the item name filled in.
  6. Fix crash when steam condenses in an airflow tile.
  7. Fix an issue where certain mods requiring updating would not get updated.
  8. Fix an issue where the game would forever ask to restart after a mod had been updated. NOTE: if you had been stuck in that loop, some of your mods may be disabled. You can re-enable them.
  9. Volume tuning on the world generation and Duplicant selection screens.
  10. New ascending sounds when initiatives are earned.
  11. Wood Burner now respects battery fill percent configured on the side screen.
  12. Desalinator has a status item when it’s full of salt and needs emptying.
  13. "Oxygen Not Occluded" and "Down the Hatch" initiatives now track the correct values (they were looking for 1000x too much oxygen/metal!).
  14. Fixed a particular framerate issue while rockets were launching. More investigation is underway.