Update v358820

  1. Fix Duplicants with Tryptophobia still digging construction chores (and similar issues).
  2. Game will load and reset preferences if preferences get corrupted. If you have been stuck at the Klei logo, you should now be able to run the game but your preferences will have been reset!
  3. Reduced the thermal conductivity of Ethanol Gas to 0.167.
  4. Removed sweat from Duplicants’ faces when they change hats.
  5. Power generation initiatives are tracked correctly now.
  6. Add a new initiative, "Immovable Object".
  7. Fixed a number of errors related to local/dev mods not getting removed correctly. Local and Dev mods will have to be re-enabled.
  8. Local mods work on case-sensitive platforms.
  9. A bunch of improvements to timelapses:
  10. Can be disabled by moving the resolution slider to the left.
  11. Aspect ratio matches the default world aspect, for better screenshots as the colony grows.
  12. Resolved several timelapse rendering issues.
  13. Can see timelapses for colonies so long as there’s at least one image.
  14. Fixed a bug where it wouldn’t take a screenshot on the cycle a game was loaded.
  15. Fixed an issue where the timelapser could cause the game to "freeze" while still playing sounds.
  16. Automation tracking for achievements ignores POI buildings.
  17. Voles no longer get stuck if they burrow into a tile as it is dug up.
  18. Fixed meter position on the Wood Burner.
  19. Tree branches have a chance to create a seed on both uproot and harvest, just like other plants.
  20. Plants no longer incorrectly list seed chances if they have no seed chances.
  21. Hooked up cleaning animation for Desalinator.