Update v211197

  1. Incapacitated Dupes who die because no one rescued them should no longer cause a crash.
  2. Plants should not die as frequently from overheating while in Planter Boxes.
  3. Reed Fiber should now properly merge into one object when two or more land on the same tile.
  4. The load screen should no longer crash for people who have really old corrupt save files.
  5. Using/Emitting status items on the Algae Distillery, Fertilizer Maker and Compost buildings should now display correctly.
  6. Clothing should no longer disappear when Dupes move around.
  7. Trying to pick up a piece of ice that has just melted should no longer crash.
  8. Fixed some temperature/liquid simulation crashes.
  9. Fertilizer has been tuned further.
  10. Dupes should no longer deliver infinite water to the Microbe Musher or the Super Computer.