Update v359645

  1. Wheezewort and Oxyfern no longer show ’effects’ in the planting screen.
  2. Fix the aspect of the thumbnail in the colony summaries.
  3. Correctly check all logic networks for logic achievements.
  4. Tiles can now replace ladders, plastic ladders, and firepoles.
  5. Timelapse sizes are now based on constructed buildings so are more stable between cycles.
  6. Add a Colony Initiative, Easy Livin’.
  7. Updated Russian and Chinese translations.
  8. Nosh Sprout previews in planter boxes are the correct height.
  9. Skill point notifications are less permanent.
  10. Added notification when Database Entry is unlocked.
  11. Improved tooltips on many of the sidescreens with sliders on them.
  12. Critter sensor tooltip and description now agree on when the sensor activates.
  13. Video sound is affected by Master volume control.
  14. Game will no longer freeze during timelapsing if there is no Printing Pod present.