Update v361684

  1. Research screen nav improvements: smooth zoom, wider max zoom, smooth keyboard panning, respects mousewheel rebinds.
  2. Various strings typo fixes.
  3. Performance improvement in achievement tracking.
  4. Cropped colony screenshots on main list.
  5. Incubators can select their preferred egg even if zero are available.
  6. Game saves preview screenshots when saving the game, and displays them in the load menu.
  7. Molar mass of solid and gaseous ethanol fixed.
  8. Updated Chinese translations.
  9. Updated Russian translations.
  10. Clicking notifications for new skills, no research, or no analysis opens the corresponding screen.
  11. Fixed issue with "Missing Research Station" not showing in the correct conditions.
  12. Only show "new skill point" notification if Duplicant went from 0 to 1 available points and remove it if the points get spent.
  13. Skill points and hats refresh correctly when choosing skills.
  14. Improve loading of colony summaries and timelapses so that the screen opens much more responsively.
  15. Colony summary screen no longer leaks memory.
  16. Slowed down the playback speed of the timelapse, and added basic playback controls.
  17. Selecting an achievement in the colony summary screen shows detailed progress towards that achievement.
  18. Added icon on achievements list to indicate if the base is eligible for Steam achievements (i.e. has debug been used).
  19. Critter Sensor allows choosing to activate when Above or Below the chosen value.
  20. Fix issue where where certain rotations of buildings wouldn’t detect if their foundation had been removed.
  21. Added salt shaking sounds to the mess table.
  22. Fix extra click sounds in the Colony summary screen.
  23. Pacu are generally less constantly loud, particularly when in large groups.
  24. Fix Rust Generator electricity sparking sounds.
  25. Tutorial videos are slightly louder.
  26. Fix scrolling sounds on the asteroid select screen.
  27. Correct click sounds play on various checkboxes.
  28. Play correct sound effects when shuffling Dupes.
  29. Wrangled critters only vocalize sometimes instead of constantly.
  30. Made rust deoxydizer bubblier (both art and audio).
  31. Suit Checkpoint placer now more strongly indicates its usage and direction.
  32. Fix occasional crash when taking a timelapse screenshot after load.
  33. Fix issue where overlays would partially show in timelapse screenshots.
  34. Fix "ghost ladders" that would exist if a ladder got replaced with a tile.