Update v364722

Power changes

  1. Heavi-Watt Conductive Wire now has a Max Wattage of 50kW (bumped up from 20kW).
  2. Transformer battery no longer instantly depletes when disabled, instead its battery slowly dissipates while disabled.
  3. Transformers should no longer pull more than their charge capacity from other transformers.
  4. Fixed an issue that allowed transformers to supply more than their advertised wattage.
  5. Fixed current load and potential load status item ordering.
  6. Remove unhelpful "Wire Connected" status item on all Power Wires, since a Wire creates a network even on its own.
  7. Updated Transformer build menu description to help describe its usage.
  8. Slight adjustments to Battery descriptions.
  9. Transformers show a status warning when input and output are on the same circuit.
  10. Battery hovercard now displays current charge as a fraction of its total possible charge.
  11. Hovering over a circuit in Power overlay now shows information about the Wire and Network’s health more clearly, with colour aide.
  12. Inactive: Purple, current wattage is zero.
  13. Overloading: Red, using more than wire rating.
  14. Straining: Yellow, using over 75% of wire rating and potential is greater than wire rating.
  15. Safe: White, all other states.

Automation sensors

  1. Added Liquid Element Sensor.
  2. Slight adjustment to descriptions of some sensors to more precisely describe their use.
  3. Automation sensor building art and ui updated to include red/green signal state lights. Added element state symbols to sensor ui art so they’re easier to distinguish from each other. Changed the germ symbol colour so it looks more visible in the ui.

General UI

  1. Resource screen is now vertically collapsible and scrollable.
  2. Game camera no longer zooms if mouse scrolling while over build menu material selection.
  3. Fixed left-click drag research screen navigation.
  4. Fixed some issues with research screen scroll boundaries at different zoom and UI scales.
  5. Wash Basin, Sinks, Ore Scrubbers, Hand Sanitizers can copy settings for assigned direction.
  6. Schedule Screen now displays which time blocks are Morning and which are Night, for Early Bird/Night Owl scheduling. Duplicants with the Night Owl or Early Bird traits are labeled as such on the Schedule screen.
  7. The Delete Schedule button on the Schedule screen no longer looks the same as the "close window" button.
  8. Priorities screen now sorts disabled chores correctly, and when they’re the same value sorts by name for consistency.
  9. Removed misleading "Flammable" tag from many elements.
  10. Removed misleading "Toxic" tag from elements.
  11. Polluted Oxygen is no longer referred to as "Toxic" or "Very Toxic" when checking its breathability, but instead uses the same descriptions as Oxygen.
  12. No Research Selected notification now displays the default hotkey for opening research menu, instead of {RESEARCH_MENU_KEY].
  13. Starmap button tooltip no longer displays the incorrect hotkey.
  14. Fix weird grammar in the Sickness contraction tooltip.
  15. Tepidizer no longer says it removes germs, but instead says it heats liquid which can remove germs.
  16. Added Descriptor for Space Heater and Liquid Tepidizer which display their target temperatures.
  17. The Super Sustainable achievement description no longer mentions "methane" generators, but instead "natural gas" generators.
  18. Slime description now says that it emits Polluted Oxygen instead of alluding to Oxygen production.
  19. Liquid Tepidizer description no longer mentions heating water to perfect shower temperature.
  20. Fix for misaligned "Launched!" text on Main Menu.
  21. Cleaned up colony achievement strings.
  22. Change "Allows Duplicant Access Permissions" from the text description into an Effects line item for all doors.
  23. Storage Locker description specifies that it stores solid resources.
  24. Anti Entropy Thermo-Nullifier now correctly says it must be given piped Hydrogen, rather than saying it can be submersed in Hydrogen.
  25. Automation Sensors now show a warning if you haven’t connected an Automation Wire to them.
  26. Updated "No Wire Connected" status item changes to reduce confusion between wire and automation wire.
  27. Fixed an issue causing achievement requirement checkboxes to show the wrong values.


  1. Wood generator sounds updated.
  2. Space Heater sounds are less constant at high gamespeed.
  3. Updated achievement impact sound.
  4. Adjusted audio mix when placing buildings.
  5. Added sounds for the Sunny Disposition trait.
  6. Improved the Morb death sound.
  7. Tiny adjustments for dupe interacts with Desalinator sounds.
  8. Disabled on use UI click sound for skills button on Printing Pod.

Support for animation mods

  1. Mod should supply an ’anim’ directory structured like our ’game/Assets/anim’ directory.
  2. The game will look for a *_anim.bytes, *_build.bytes, and *.pngs for textures. The folder name dictates the animation name. If an existing animation is modded, the one in game is replaced; otherwise a new animation is added.


  1. Fix bug blocking placing a building immediately after changing rotation.
  2. Fix bug where tiles replacing ladders could go over HiWatt wire or drywall.
  3. Jet suits also count toward exo suit achievement.
  4. Fixed crash that could occur when room shapes were updated.
  5. Fixes bug where the below state on the critter count sensor was toggling every 200ms.
  6. Fixed memory leak in timelapse slideshow.
  7. Timelapser no longer captures active overlays in screenshots.
  8. Autosaves now generate load screen previews screenshots.
  9. Colony Summaries use the last summary screenshot rather than the save screenshot, because the save can be "ahead" of the summary.
  10. Fixed crash related to timelapse screenshots.
  11. Plants and critters that are sensitive to atmosphere pressure check a larger footprint of cells for "safe" air which should make their state more stable.
  12. Rust deoxidizer bubble animation updated.