Update v379337 Test

New and Notable Features

New Joy Reactions

  1. Balloon Artist.
  2. Sparkle Streaker.
  3. Super Productive.
  4. Sticker Bomber.

New Buildings

  1. Sauna.
  2. Mechanical Surfboard.
  3. Hot Tub.
  4. Soda Fountain.
  5. Beach Chair.

Improvements and Fixes


  1. Update desalinator sounds.


  1. The first rockets and Duplicants sent to the temporal tear do not return.
  2. Fix crash when loading older saves that do not have a world definition.
  3. Fix Bed and Bath achievement being permanently failed.
  4. Fix crash when MODs trigger a write access dialog.
  5. Fix lit workspace buff not correctly applying when researching.
  6. Fix crash when building items with liquid conduit input or output.
  7. Eating in a well lit area no longer causes Duplicants to waste calories.
  8. Fix Duplicants overlapping walls when emptying the Algae Terrarium.
  9. Fix overlay icon crash when building.
  10. Fix conduit crash when loops are present.
  11. Steam turbines correctly obtain boost from Engie’s Tune-up.
  12. Do not cancel tune-up errands if a building becomes nonfunctional.
  13. Fix a crash when opening the pause menu for a save whose world ID is missing.
  14. Fix Duplicants getting stuck in a loop if they are incapacitated near the bottom of a ladder.
  15. Duplicants now auto-assign to a Medical Cot if they get to critical health.
  16. Reduce texture usage on the Ethanol Distillery.
  17. Baby Pacu variants now use the correct animations.
  18. Save files work correctly when moving between OSes.
  19. Fix several buildings not playing their "finish up" animations.
  20. Fix bug where pumps will toggle blocked status even when flowing freely.
  21. Fix "Not 0K, But Pretty Cool" achievement not calculating minimum correctly.
  22. Add notarization to macOS builds.
  23. Update the Mod Uploader tool for macOS Catalina.

Logging/Crash Reporter

  1. Print more explicit error messages to the log file when IO errors occur.
  2. Add ModUploader logging to macOS builds.
  3. Improve errors when trying to load Yaml files.


  1. Fix load screen reloading files unnecessarily.
  2. Add Low Res Textures option to the graphics menu.


  1. Load screen now stretches to fit the width of the screen.
  2. Fix lit workspace tooltip.
  3. Remove extra description for carpeted tile.
  4. Align decor text in building descriptions.
  5. Fixed order of cycle entries in My Log database.
  6. Fix various keyword highlights in tooltips.
  7. Fix newly researched build categories not appearing when there are insufficient materials.
  8. Fix video playback on Linux.
  9. Update power circuit descriptions.
  10. Load screen now correctly groups saves by colony.
  11. Improve readability of date text when a save game is selected in the load screen.
  12. Add spaces to keyboard shortcut commands.
  13. Remove unused hotkey build menu strings.
  14. Truncate the displayed mod list in error messages when it gets too large.