Update v379868 Test

  1. Added "Wind Tunnel" rec building.
  2. Updated sticker placement anim.
  3. Hot Tub descriptions and statuses are more accurate and contain the key temperatures.
  4. Hot Tub only consumes bleachstone while in use.
  5. Juicer actually consumes its ingredients now.
  6. Fixed Juicer ingredients "popping" into the jar.
  7. Sauna water usage description displays correctly.
  8. Duplicants from older saves will be given a random joy reaction on load.
  9. Unibrows have grown back.
  10. Hot Tub has the correct recreation priority.
  11. Updated Beach Chair animations.
  12. Increased Rec Room max size.
  13. Fix aliasing on various UI images.
  14. Soda Fountain can now accept enough CO2 to actually be used.
  15. Screen resolution options no longer default to 1024x768 in windowed mode.
  16. Hook up Soda Fountain interact anims.
  17. Super Productive joy reaction triggers more reliably and has a custom "yay" animation.
  18. Updated animations for balloon giving and recieving.
  19. Hot Tub accepts more bleachstone at once.
  20. Hot Tub transitions between filling, using, and draining more reliably.
  21. Pitcher Pump will correctly pump liquids at the surface of other liquids.
  22. Hot Tub power usage reduced.
  23. Super Productive no longer awards infinite skill points after a dig (however, the points which were awarded will remain).