Update v380770 Test

  1. Balloon no longer shows in Database.
  2. Moved Gas Bottler into the "Improved Ventilation" tech tier.
  3. No more chores will awared infinite skillpoints to SuperProductive Dupes :fingerscrossed:
  4. Updated Wind Tunnel animations.
  5. Add missing keybindings for Build category 13 and 14.
  6. Sticker bomber sounds added.
  7. Improved requirements of the wind tunnel.
  8. New Superproductive fx hooked up.
  9. Hooked up temperature and fullness meters to the Hot Tub.
  10. Edits to new building status descriptions.
  11. Updated in-game patch notes.
  12. Improved building description on the Beach Chair.
  13. Improved animations for the balloon "reciever".
  14. Improved animations for the balloon "giver".
  15. Updated Korean, Chinese, and Russian translations.
  16. Balloon Artist sound effects added.
  17. Carpets now give better decor and a stress reduction effect, but also slow down movespeed somewhat.
  18. Updated Hot Tub artwork.
  19. Balloons are now hard attached to the duplicant they’re following, and sync animations with that duplicant.
  20. Recreation buildings no longer get light efficiency bonuses.
  21. Duplicants no longer sound like they’re dying when using the Mechanical Surfboard.
  22. Added Balloon Artist sound effects.
  23. Attempted fix for duplicants getting stalled at the end of a construct or dig for a few seconds.
  24. Duplicants now become overjoyed when coming back from a space tourist trip.
  25. Stickers are now selectable.
  26. "Sticker Type" is now tied to Duplicant personality of Stickerbombers.
  27. Updated Mechanical Surfboard artwork.
  28. Fix UI staying disabled but visible if in screenshot mode when timelapser kicks in.
  29. Somewhat reduce the usage time of the Beach Chair.
  30. Several of the rec buildings now have a de-stressing effect. Beach chair provides sleep as well.
  31. Hook up athletics-based anims for the surfboard.
  32. Telescope doesn’t show status warning for no starmap analysis target if all targets already analyzed.
  33. Hooked up new facial expressions for Sparkle & Balloon.
  34. Loading a world with no starmap target will put telescopes in an active state while researching nothing.
  35. Hooked up proper Sticker Bomber movement animations.
  36. Balloon Artists will always run to their target location.
  37. Adjusted how the balloon giver interaction works.
  38. The balloon can no longer be unequipped.