Update v381818

  1. Added NEW! Insulation tutorial video which triggers when you build a specifically heat-influencing building.
  2. Fix crash when trying to load the Short image and patch notes.
  3. Added the Mechanical Surfboard’s sounds to the main menu.
  4. Added some suntan lotion rubbing sounds to one of the cycles of the Beach Chair.
  5. Worlds that were generated with Mod Traits will no longer crash if reloaded without those mods.
  6. Fixed crash that happened when multiple sparkle streakers were sparkle streaking at the same time.
  7. Added some more variation to the wind tunnel sounds.
  8. Balloon anims snap around less often.
  9. Audio doesn’t cut out immediately upon stopping a video clip.
  10. Fixed the Duplicant positions in the wind tunnel.
  11. Fixed blurry Wind Tunnel textures.
  12. Wind tunnel get in/get out animations now play.
  13. Fix Total Skills string so it gets localized.
  14. Small changes to Chinese strings.
  15. Missing Hot Tub interact sounds re-added.
  16. Added "sparkle" states to all graffiti stickers.
  17. Made the dupe less concerned looking in the unlit state of the beach chair dupe interact.
  18. Updating hot tub dupe interacts to final animation.
  19. Sparkle effects should layer better with buildings.