Update v389761 Test

  1. Chinese localization updated.
  2. Fix crash when Duplicants are using the Ice Fan.
  3. Automation sounds should recover to their full volumes more quickly now.
  4. Balloon Artists will now attempt to set up their balloon stand at the Printing Pod if there is no valid recreation room.
  5. Balloon Artists now need less space to set up a balloon stand.
  6. You can now set the priority on buildings with a "Drop All Workable" chore.
  7. Fix for saves that already have NaN masses stored.
  8. Preventative measure to stop NaNs from getting set on food.
  9. Update to Unity 2018.4.
  10. Completing the building of Small buildings is no longer super loud.
  11. Fix a lot of instances of sounds being played at non-0 Z coordinates, leading to an uneven mix with unintended loudnesses.
  12. Fix Ghosts Of Gravitas achievement being awarded inconsistently.
  13. String typo fixes.
  14. Fixed Sun Lamp sounds.
  15. Conducting heat via loose ore should respect insulation of the cell they are resting on.
  16. Took out the eyelashes in the Stinky eye set for the overjoyed reaction. They snuck in there undetected before.
  17. Fixed issues causing the new game cinematic sequence behave oddly. The cinematic should now show the Duplicants exiting the portal, zoom in, and display the introduction message. After closing the message the first timelapse is taken.
  18. Fix for issue preventing the portal side screen from showing checkbox for ’leave’ victory condition.