Update v395444 Test

  1. Move Pixel Pack location in the build menu.
  2. Drywall once again renders behind wires/conduits, because it is not their intent to block negative decor and it is visually misleading.
  3. Fixed crash caused by Sweepy destruction after sweepy station deconstruction.
  4. Fixed problems caused by Sweepy delivering to a full base station.
  5. Automated Notifier settings save and load correctly.
  6. Automated Notifier tooltip can now be 4x as long as before.
  7. Reduce a tons of memory spend on Line of Sight tests. On one save, this cut down on 965MB of allocations during load.
  8. Selecting a new Automated Notifier no longer replaces its settings with the previous Notifier’s settings.
  9. Sweepy anim improvements.
  10. Duplicant will rescue a stranded Sweepy.
  11. Sweepy base station can (and must) make new Sweepys from refined metal.
  12. Sweepy immediately stops working and becomes rescuable when it can’t reach its base station.
  13. Created new codex category for robots. Moved Sweepy there.
  14. Fix crash if Sweepy is charging and the base station gets destroyed.
  15. Fix crash when sending a multi-bit automation signal into a Signal Selector or Signal Distributor’s control inputs.
  16. Fix PixelPack crash if it cannot find a connected wire while updating colors.
  17. Fix crash when trying to place objects on Sweepy.
  18. Fix another Sweepy crash.
  19. Plants/power generators no longer crash if they are destroyed at the same time the room containing them is modified.
  20. Updated Signal Selector and Signal Deselector descriptions.
  21. Counter resets to 0 when it reaches its count, rather than 1.
  22. Pixel Pack power consumption down to 10W.
  23. Timer Sensor can now be set to <1sec values.
  24. Counter displays its count correctly again.
  25. Counter: Add a "decrement" mode which lets you count down instead of up. (WIP).
  26. Added Signal Multiplexer and Demultiplexor descriptions.
  27. Updated Pixel Pack artwork.
  28. Signal Switch/Power Switch sidescreen reflects the switch’s incoming state correctly when paused.
  29. Ribbon Writer and Ribbon Reader are now on the logic layer.
  30. Fix output ports hover text using incorrect input ports string.
  31. Virtual Planetarium requires the Astronomy Skill with Planetarium Researching trait. (Previously it was incorrectly set to Advanced Research).
  32. Pixel Pack now responds properly to gaining or losing power.
  33. Pixel Pack power input is moved to the correct spot.
  34. Hammer now only operates if given power.
  35. Added new research tier descriptions and automation notification.
  36. Performance savings for triggering sounds.