Update v395929 Test

  1. Fixed crash caused by Sweepy exploding while being rescued on a ladder.
  2. Timer Sensor sidescreen in Seconds mode now displays time elapsed/remaining up to 1 decimal point.
  3. Added a Reset automation port to the Counter. (It’s now sized 1x3).
  4. Counter now displays right-side-up even when up-side-down.
  5. Fix Ribon Reader symbol tinting.
  6. Fix Sweepy audio error.
  7. Added more Sweepy audio.
  8. Sweepy no longer reacts positively to duplicant corpses.
  9. Sweepy explosion tuning.
  10. Ribon Reader final art pass.
  11. Counter is now in the Logic Gate layer, and can be placed behind tiles.
  12. Fixed some crashes related to Sweepys that had no base stations.
  13. Fixed crash relating to sweepy delivering to a full base station.
  14. Sweepy will trigger weight plates.
  15. Sweepy station meter updates when things are delivered/removed.
  16. Sweepys will bump into each other and change directions.
  17. Sweepy will be automatically destroyed in their base station is destroyed.
  18. Sweepy will automatically turn around if it gets out of range of base station (32 tiles).
  19. Update Chinese strings.
  20. Updating Signal Splitter to final art.
  21. Fix Vent closed bugs.
  22. Fixed Hammer description.
  23. Automated Notifier sidescreen notification and tooltip entry fields now do not wordwrap and have longer allowable string lengths.
  24. Automated Notifier shows default strings correctly when selecting a new Automated Notifier.
  25. Pixel Pack sidescreen color swatch now highlights what colors are used by the selected Pixel Pack.
  26. Pixel Pack now updates its screens when copy Green State <-> Red State or swapping.
  27. Sweepy’s ornament properly tracks its animation.
  28. Add a "Swap Colors" button to the Pixel Pack sidescreen.
  29. Pixel Pack animates while turning on / off.
  30. Pixel Pack has animation state for "off" now, which doesn’t display the selected colours.
  31. Player controlled switch sidescreen now animates in both directions.
  32. Remove decrement ability from Counter to simplify operation.
  33. Counter sidescreen now correctly represents the selected counter’s actual settings when selecting a new counter.
  34. Counter animation updates when pressing the Reset button.
  35. Toned down the screen glow effect on the Pixel Pack.
  36. Reduce memory allocations from testing the areas around buildings and other objects.
  37. Load optimization saves 10-15% of load time.