Update v396243 Test

  1. Final art for Wattage Sensor.
  2. Final art for the Signal Selector and some small art revisions to the Signal Splitter.
  3. Massage Table sidescreen tooltip formatting.
  4. Massage Table, Smart Battery, Liquid Reservoir, Gas Reservoir sidescreen tooltips now load correctly the first time.
  5. NOT Gate now operates correctly on a Logic Ribbon.
  6. Fixed strings while hovering over all of the input/control/output ports of the Signal Selector and Signal Distributor.
  7. Counter no longer falsely increments if a game is loaded where the current count equals the target count.
  8. Sweepy’s name label is show in world UI.
  9. Sweepy is renameable. A sweepys name is stored by its base station and restored if the sweepy needs to be rebuilt.
  10. It’s no longer possible to order sweepy to be swept up.
  11. Building Automation Wires while a Counter is receiving a Green Signal no longer causes an increment.
  12. Conduit sensor descriptions and Sweepy ’its’ vs ’their’ uniformity.
  13. Fix "Flaking" bug. Tiles and doors will no longer partially melt when they get too warm.
  14. Fix cases where doors would technically be melted but the building wouldn’t go away.
  15. Updated automation wire damage fx.
  16. Fix Liquid Reservoir Output Red string.
  17. Final art for Counter.
  18. Reduce memory allocations from reports during loading (~200mb in large colonies).
  19. Reduce filesize usage from reports.
  20. Reduce memory allocations loading up animations (~300mb).
  21. Reduce memory allocations from buildings during load (~300mb in large colonies).
  22. Improve speed of saving reports.
  23. Improve speed of saving buildings.