Update v396529 Test

  1. Pixel Pack consumes power while turned on.
  2. Getting closer to fixing the visible seam issue on the ribbon overlay icons.
  3. Fixed Sweepy eye color in menus.
  4. Ribbon Reader and Writer final art pass.
  5. Critter Sensor now has toggles for detecting Critters/Eggs/Both.
  6. Counter sidescreen consumes keyboard input so it doesn’t open the build menu.
  7. Some updated audio and fixes for Sweepithus J. Bot.
  8. Some new hammer strike SFX for various automation elements.
  9. Final art for Alarm sensor.
  10. Fix NOT Gate behaviour for both 1bit and 4bit wires.
  11. Automated Notifier plays its on/off anims.
  12. Usability work on Smart Reservoir/Smart Battery sidescreen tooltips.
  13. Improve startup times of some UI elements.
  14. Final art for Timer sensor.
  15. Small performance improvement to adding and removing animations.