Update v396726 Test

  1. Conveyor Rails are now highlighted when the Conveyor View is active.
  2. Conveyor networks now pulse when hovering a rail in the Conveyor View.
  3. Sandbox tools save settings. Some other small sandbox QOL.
  4. Changed many elements’ default temperatures to 300k - this should only be relevant for sandbox tool defaults.
  5. Rationbox and Refrigerator are user nameable.
  6. Broken Automation Wires no longer carry an automation signal.
  7. Update to chinese strings.
  8. Copy Settings on the Critter Sensor now copies Critter/Egg detection toggles.
  9. Fix Temperature overlay so its tooltips update when F/C/K units option is changed during session.
  10. Change "Forever" string on the recipe select screen to be localized properly.
  11. Liquid Shutoff and Gas Shutoff now properly consume power when set to an OPEN state.
  12. Conveyor Shutoff now consumes power in an OPEN state, not just OPEN+DISPENSING, to align with the Gas/Liquid Shutoff behaviours.
  13. Automatic Dispensers now consume power correctly.
  14. Disease Clinic now properly consumes power when actively healing a duplicant.
  15. Usability pass on Signal Selector / Signal Distributor strings.
  16. Reduced memory allocations loading and saving state machines. This reduces the save file size as well.
  17. Loading a sim cell with a mass larger than a million tons will cap to that max. Fixes crashes in some saves where masses were so large it was creating NaNs in temperature calculations.
  18. Improve Animation lookup times during load.