Update v397125 Test

  1. Sweepy will continue working until it runs out of battery or has a full dust bin regardless of its ability to reach its base station.
  2. Sweepy dock has name label which will updates to match its Sweepy’s name.
  3. Updated artwork for the AND gate, to make its function more concrete. (More coming!).
  4. Adding final art for the Conveyor Filter.
  5. Fix Space scanner’s selection not being saved.
  6. Fixed issue with sweep bot base station requested metal delivery. Should request 25kg refined metal when a new sweepy is needed.
  7. Pixel Pack now renders behind Automation Wires in the Automation Overlay.
  8. Closing the Automation Overlay with previously-viewed buildings off screen no longer causes them to render behind Automation Wires.
  9. Conveyor Sensors, Conveyor Filter are now brought forward in the Conveyor Overlay.
  10. More buildings are brought forward into Overlay space in the Gas / Liquid conduit overlay.
  11. Many buildings (e.g. Gas Filter, conduit sensors, etc) are now selectable from the Gas/Liquid overlays directly with a single click rather than requiring the overlay to be closed to interact.
  12. Fixed several issues with sandbox temperature tools relating to user temperature unit selection.
  13. Added Conveyor sensors!
  14. A bug causing the Automation Overlay to only update on every second automation tick has been fixed. It should be easier to see and debug rapidly-switching circuits now.
  15. Conveyor Filter now correctly filters all the various solid things that pass through it.
  16. Fix "ghost" rocket modules appearing for rockets already in space after a load.
  17. Fix doors deleting themselves when melting.
  18. Ribbon Reader description adjustment.
  19. Adjusted Ribbon Reader bit changing logic for more consistency with the Writer.
  20. Futher work on the Sweepy dock.
  21. Alarm sensor now has a unique sound.
  22. You can play multiple tones from striking a conduit at the same time now (internal cooldown on their sounds has been removed).
  23. Cap max number of logs to 10 million - this should prevent hard drives from filling up with enormous log files.
  24. Fix the weird and unnecessary warning when checking for the ModLoader.dll.
  25. Each mod gets its own uniquely named Harmony instance for better dependency management. (Name is .).
  26. Don’t eat exceptions during Mod DLL loading.
  27. State Machine Exceptions are now logged through a non-generic method, making hooking the exception easier.