Update v397624 Test

  1. Added some stationary states to the multiplexer and demultiplexer.
  2. Fix doors doubling their mass when melting.
  3. Updated artwork for the three Conveyor sensors.
  4. Changed the OFF state in the Not gate to have no red or green coming into it (white lines and input output) and added some glow to the input and outputs when it’s receiving signals.
  5. Added Ribbon Bridge to the build menu.
  6. Hook up new NOT Gate art.
  7. Hook up strings for Automation Ribbon Bridge.
  8. Fixed issue that allowed for malformed Sweepy Base names.
  9. Sweepy looping movement sound hookup.
  10. Fixed issue with formatted text where multiple copies of identical strings were not being properly formatted.
  11. Fix solid conduit contents not exchanging heat when the camera was in certain configurations.
  12. Improved layering on Sweepy Base Station.
  13. Tweaks to Ribbon Reader and Writer for easier readability.
  14. Replacing a building returns both its primary and secondary construction materials.
  15. Sounds added for Signal Splitter and Selector, as well as Pixel Pack.
  16. Reduced memory allocations in Conduit system and the PokeShell’s egg protection behaviors.
  17. Save 3-4% frame time with proper caching for Errand offsets.