Update v397900 Test

  1. Hook up Control Input icon to the Signal Selector, Signal Distributor, and Automation Overlay legend.
  2. Solid conveor element sensor now correctly senses things made of genetic ooze.
  3. Fix crash when the Hammer hits a wire that’s missing its network (somehow).
  4. Tweaking logic overlay icon styling.
  5. Fix a crash if a Storage was selected while a Research Station was destroyed.
  6. Sweepys plural fix.
  7. Fix crash when solid conduit bridge is destroyed while shipping overlay is displaying.
  8. Final art and functionality of Ribbon Bridge.
  9. Updated Korean and Chinese strings.
  10. Wattage Sensor no longer adds Watts suffix to the end of the input field.
  11. Ribbon Bridge wires are now tinted in the Automation Overlay.
  12. Support for Hammer striking Logic Gates, Logic Wires, Logic Ribbons.
  13. Default "nothing found!" sound for Hammer striking non-existing sounds.
  14. Hook up Sweepy main menu animation.
  15. Changed Conveyor Element Sensor artwork from gas symbol to solid on the display screen.
  16. If using the "Copy" building button, it now copies the orientation.
  17. Changed the default orientation of the Memory Toggle and Ribbon Reader for consistency.
  18. Added proper sorting and also categorization to the filter sidescreen (conduit filters and element sensors).