Update v405850 Test

  1. Save ~1% frame time when setting animation symbol overrides.
  2. Wheezewort description updated.
  3. Sweepy Recharge description updated.
  4. Fixed blank status item for Sweepy moving to charging station.
  5. Make "Infinity" and "-Infinity" translatable.
  6. Counter Sensor description updated to make it more clear that it resets on the next signal after reaching max count.
  7. Add localized string for "Reported Error" confirmation dialog.
  8. Edited color blindness strings.
  9. Add closing color tag to privacy policy description.
  10. Ore chunks show their element description if necessary in Sweepy/receptacle side screens. Player visible debug message removed.
  11. Revised description of the Feedback window.
  12. Fix sandbox backup save file path on non-Windows machines.
  13. If world generation fails it displays an error message instead of continuing to selecting starting Duplicants.
  14. World generation will no longer retry with a new seed if a seed fails. This means that errors in worldgen will cause failures instead of silently changing the seed in the background.
  15. Fixed world generation failing on some seeds resulting in a world filled with Abyssalite. This was reported primarily on Volcanea Asteroids but it could happen on any asteroid type with world traits.
  16. Note: due to the combination of the above two fixes, a small number of seeds have been changed where previously that seed would fail on the first try and then succeed. This will not affect the vast majority of seeds.
  17. Potentially fix broken "Browse Log Files" link for Linux.
  18. Fix color for red duration tooltip on Timer details screen.
  19. Hover tooltips properly use selected color mode for logic description strings.

Reduce memory usage during save

  1. State Machines don’t allocate extra memory.
  2. Compress save data directly into the filestream instead of using a separate buffer.
  3. Move our serialization of the Sim directly into our primary buffer.
  4. Estimate our deserialization buffer capacity based on last load or save.