Update v417610 Test

  1. Color blind modes improvement:
  2. Crop Overlay now supports alternate color sets.
  3. Power Overlay now supports alternate color sets, and "Generator" icons are brighter for each mode.
  4. Rooms Overlay now supports alternate color sets. There are too many colors used in this mode to effectively find excellent colours for each mode, so colors have been chosen to focus on making the most common rooms feel distinct from one another.
  5. Germ Overlay now supports alternate color sets.
  6. Harvest Tool Overlay now supports alternate color sets.
  7. Light overlay color is more vivid so it matches color choices of other overlays and is easier to read lower light-levels.
  8. When hovering a Wire, its current load will only be colored "strained" if its potential load is higher than its max load.
  9. Fix Critter Feeder storage errand type to be Ranching Supply instead of Storage.
  10. Fix meteors depositing regolith on the wrong side of thin walls.
  11. Duplicants no longer emit CO2 puffs in to a cell different than the one they were standing in. This prevents them from injecting CO2 into rooms that would be otherwise air-tight/unbreathable.
  12. Duplicant breath effects now match the actual mouth position and facing of the Duplicant. No more exhaling from the middle of the back!
  13. Skill Scrubber now has a higher priority class, which should help the dupes head there without ignoring it.
  14. Fixed a bug where items dropped from buildings would not become active if it was a "pickupable" object.
  15. Critter Feeder, Fish Feeder, and Lure are now Ranching Supply errands instead of Storage.
  16. Duplicants no longer regain "Mourning" status if there is a dead Duplicant when the game loads.