Update v418018 Test

  1. Removed periodic debug pausing that was accidentally added.
  2. Partial fix for Wind Tunnel requiring gas underneath to function.
  3. Fixed the melting temperature of solid Methane.
  4. "Underway" text on starmap screen is now localizable.
  5. Duplicant age in Bio panel is now localizable (known issue: age is always 0, which will be fixed in the next patch).
  6. Fix solid flaking temperature deletion. Uses the actual energy required for the melt, as well as the SHC of the transition element.
  7. Insulated pipes/vents are now blue in the Plumbing/Ventilation overlay, rather than orange, to differentiate them more from radiant pipes/vents.
  8. Update strings for Chinese, Korean, and Russian.
  9. Outhouse now handles dirt correctly. Dirt is consumed per usage (13kg), Polluted Dirt output now includes Dirt used (6.7kg -> 19.7kg). Dirt is not destroyed on clean (it’s dropped with the Polluted Dirt), and is not returned in full on deconstruct. A full supply of dirt is required to become usable after cleaning.
  10. Duplicants and Robo-Miners should no longer infinitely dig. Please let us know if you see any new oddness with digging.