Update v419840

Features and New Improvements

Color blind modes improvement

  1. Crop Overlay now supports alternate color sets.
  2. Power Overlay now supports alternate color sets, and "Generator" icons are brighter for each mode.
  3. Rooms Overlay now supports alternate color sets. There are too many colors used in this mode to effectively find excellent colours for each mode, so colors have been chosen to focus on making the most common rooms feel distinct from one another.
  4. Germ Overlay now supports alternate color sets.
  5. Harvest Tool Overlay now supports alternate color sets.
  6. Temperature Overlay and Thermal Comfort Overlay now support alternate color sets.


  1. Timer Sensor’s copy settings now copies elapsed time and whether it is in cycles mode or not .
  2. Ice Maker is now overheatable like other production buildings.
  3. Sweepy’s Dock is now overheatable.
  4. When a Hammer strikes Automation Wire/Automation Ribbon, it will correctly read the length of the wire/ribbon now.
  5. Sauna no longer requires steam in pipes to operate, only that there is sufficient steam in storage.
  6. Liquid and Gas Reservoirs no longer round the amounts of their contents before testing logic levels. Fixes a bug where they would activate when they were "close" to the activation amount.
  7. Transit Tube corner animations have been made all the same length.
  8. Transit Tube corner animations play faster so that Duplicants maintain consistent speed.
  9. Ore Scrubber no longer requires chlorine in its pipe to work, only in its storage. It also shows a red status icon when it has insufficient mass in storage.
  10. Skill Scrubber now has a higher priority class, which should help the dupes head there without ignoring it.
  11. Critter Feeder, Fish Feeder, and Lure are now Ranching Supply errands instead of Storage.
  12. Partial fix for Wind Tunnel requiring gas underneath to function.
  13. Outhouse now handles dirt correctly. Dirt is consumed per usage (13kg), Polluted Dirt output now includes Dirt used (6.7kg -> 19.7kg). Dirt is not destroyed on clean (it’s dropped with the Polluted Dirt), and is not returned in full on deconstruct. A full supply of dirt is required to become usable after cleaning.
  14. Copy Settings correctly updates the flow rate for liquid and gas valves.

Duplicants and Critters (and Robot)

  1. Prevent fetch errands from putting items in storage that were never requested. This is a partial fix for "buildings with weird stuff inside them.".
  2. Sweepy now correctly starts and stops charging if the dock becomes powered/unpowered while Sweepy is trying to charge.
  3. CO2 puffs exhaled by Duplicants will no longer teleport their CO2 upwards when released inside a non-breathable space. Instead they will try to find a nearby CO2, breathable, or other gas cell to release into. (Note: There is still a bug where Dupes can still unexpectedly breathe CO2 into a non-breathable room if they are standing near the edge of a tile.).
  4. Fix Critter Feeder storage errand type to be Ranching Supply instead of Storage.
  5. Duplicants no longer emit CO2 puffs into a cell different than the one they were standing in. This prevents them from injecting CO2 into rooms that would be otherwise air-tight/unbreathable.
  6. Duplicant breath effects now match the actual mouth position and facing of the Duplicant. No more exhaling from the middle of the back!
  7. Duplicants no longer regain "Mourning" status if there is a dead Duplicant when the game loads.
  8. Balloon Artists now have a status item during their Joy Reaction.

Systems and Simulation

  1. Fix partial melting/partial evaporation heat calculations. Energy used should be the energy required, not the difference of what’s available.
  2. Fix solid flaking temperature deletion. Uses the actual energy required for the melt, as well as the SHC of the transition element.
  3. Fix gas temperature swapping heat loss.
  4. Fix bug where Auto Sweepers’ storage was growing unbounded, but not delivering contents.
  5. Unfortunately this reverts the fix to the bug where sweepers drop their contents on load - our delivery system requires this, for the time being.
  6. The seed chance bonus from the Agriculture skill was only being applied at 1/100th strength. Now a 3% increased chance actually means a 3% increased chance. (This is on top of the base 10% chance any crop plant has of producing a seed).
  7. Fix a case where "ghost bottles" would appear outside of buildings.
  8. Fix meteors depositing regolith on the wrong side of thin walls.
  9. Fixed the melting temperature of solid Methane.
  10. Duplicants and Robo-Miners should no longer infinitely dig. Please let us know if you see any new oddness with digging.

UI and Text

  1. Resources panel should no longer flicker and possibly crash the game when resources change at low framerates.
  2. Fixed vertical wind tunnel description.
  3. Fixed Puft Prince description.
  4. Fixed the Arbor Tree incorrectly stating that it had a seed drop chance. Pips must be utilized to get extra Arbor Seeds.
  5. Significantly reduce wait time when a crash occurs with mods present.
  6. Conveyors show the proper names of contents, rather than always showing their element (e.g. Genetic Ooze).
  7. Renamed the baby Pokeshell’s molt to Small Pokeshell Molt. This makes it more clear in the various lists and screens where the molts can show up and fixes the functionality of the Conveyor Element Sensor.
  8. Fix the Vitamin Chews saying they have no effect, when their effect is, in fact, 0.5.
  9. Microchips and Micronutrient Fertilizer items will group into a single item when on the ground.
  10. Fix drag tools (i.e. pipes, cancel) not stopping when clicking near UI.
  11. Light overlay color is more vivid so it matches color choices of other overlays and is easier to read lower light-levels.
  12. When hovering over a Wire, its current load will only be colored "strained" if its potential load is higher than its max load.
  13. "Underway" text on starmap screen is now localizable.
  14. Duplicant age in Bio panel is now localizable (known issue: age is always 0, which will be fixed in the next patch).
  15. Insulated pipes/vents are now blue in the Plumbing/Ventilation overlay, rather than orange, to differentiate them more from radiant pipes/vents.
  16. Duplicant age once again counts correctly.
  17. As well, duplicant "printed" cycle is correct instead of decreased by one.
  18. Update strings for Chinese, Korean, and Russian.