Update v437482 Test

Fixes and Improvements

Cloud saves

  1. Cloud saves have been enabled! Use the buttons on the Load Game screen to move your saves for cloud syncing.
  2. Save file migration to one-folder-per-colony:
  3. New save file migration window reorganizes save files into one folder per colony.
  4. Auto Save deleting policy is now per colony, i.e 10 max auto saves for each colony.
  5. New colony list on load screen, where selecting a colony enters a second page where you view the saves within it.

Fixes and Improvements

  1. Fixed partial heat transfer increasing energy and flaking fountain.
  2. Fixed Fish Feeder flaking.
  3. Fixed both Heavi-Watt Wire Bridges from flaking and doubling mass on melt.
  4. One cell buildings should no longer flake when melting.
  5. "More Info" on the error includes the actual error message in addition to the stack trace.
  6. Enlarged the clickable area to close message notifications so that it’s easier to dismiss them.
  7. Clarified Petroleum Generator description.
  8. Clarified level up notification.
  9. "Save As" dialog now shows saves (not auto saves). Also inserts save name + selects it.
  10. Fixed artifacts not being generated if they are the last artifact of a tier.
  11. Small update to Chinese localization strings.


  1. Batch symbol override assignments to avoid call overhead, saves 2-3% of frametime.
  2. Remove duplicate entries in Offsets, saves 1-2% of frame in fetch cost calculations.
  3. Push back sort order for Assignable-related chore preconditions, saves 5-6% frametime.
  4. Replace ArrayRefs in ScenePartitioner with HashSet for 5% frametime savings.
  5. Small optimization to Symbol Override system ~.5% frametime by removing unnecessary data copying.
  6. Small optimizations to Symbol Override system ~2% of frametime by changing the way we look up symbols and removing some debugging.
  7. Facegraph optimization, saves about 1.5% frametime on Dupe stress test.
  8. Optimized the way Dupes think about toilets. Saves about 4% of frametime for colonies with many Dupes.
  9. Further optimizations to toilet selection. Can have huge benefits for large numbers of Dupes and toilets: ~20% of the frame on a Dupe stress-test colony.