Update v438694 Test

  1. Fix bug in Mod "archived_versions", causing failures for archived versions of mods downloaded from the Steam Workshop.
  2. Successful cloud/local ALL conversion now pops up a message warning about long sync times.
  3. Other tweaks to strings and messaging around cloud migration.
  4. Updated Korean, Russian, Chinese translations.
  5. Load screen has an indicator to show how to start using cloud saves. (Goes away after 5 appearances, or after the user clicks on the button.).
  6. Fix scaling issues for anims in the UI (notably, Duplicant portraits at high resolutions).
  7. Clean up inconsistent or partially migrated colonies that have both local and cloud files. (Files will be matched if possible, and different files with the same names will have a number added to the name.).
  8. When removing files, try remove the empty folder as well.
  9. No longer fail to migrate if a source and destination file are identical.
  10. When deleting a save, try remove the png as well.
  11. Remove Sushi from the codex since it was removed from the game long ago.
  12. Small style changes to the new game and load game buttons in the main menu.
  13. Updated in-game patch notes.