Update v439714 Test

  1. Upgraded to Unity 2019.4.14.
  2. Fixed a bunch more UI anim scaling issues, especially when resolution changes.
  3. Cloud Save text on load screen is now localizable.
  4. Fixed typo in the in-game patch notes.
  5. Reports screen no longer crashes when hovering domestic critter tooltip.
  6. Fix power networks from sometimes becoming overloaded when they are exactly at their power limit.
  7. Fix petroleum generators from getting stuck if they’re supplied with mixed fuels, now they seamlessly change over.
  8. Oil Well now dumps and takes damage from incorrect liquids, rather than storing them and getting blocked.
  9. Oil Well now has better logic to keep it from getting stuck pumping if something goes wrong with it.
  10. Fix solid tiles being destroyed/displaced by the previous partial melting fix.