Update v444834

  1. Remove two unrevealed tiles from the cool salt water geyser POI.
  2. Add sound to Plug Slugs.
  3. Got rid of some unnecessary tag animation for Plug Slugs.
  4. Clicking the "New printables!" notification selects each printer/pod in turn, rather than directly opening the printing screen. This was causing things to be printed on the starting colony regardless of where the player was.
  5. Having an inactive Porta Pod on another planetoid no longer halts the Printing Pod’s progress.
  6. Rovers can’t use massage tables, they are only for squishy things.
  7. Fix crash if a Duplicant dies while warping. Now they’ll just fall out.
  8. Fix crash where some cluster generations were getting invalid planetoid locations.
  9. Updated Chinese strings.
  10. Fix crash when placing buildings out-of-bounds.
  11. Fix crash when there is an active errand in a rocket on rocket destruction.
  12. Renamed "High Velocity Payload" to "Interplanetary Payload".
  13. Clarified Sublimation Station description based on its current function.
  14. Swapped out more placeholder strings.
  15. Fix surface fog-of-war on all worlds.
  16. Idle diagnostic is now muted by default.
  17. Diagnostic pin/mute settings are now preserved through save/load.
  18. Fixed line rendering issues in several UI screens.
  19. Increased collision box of Bog Jelly.
  20. Fix crash when opening the patch notes.
  21. Add another exclusive trait pair, "Beside Manner" and "Unempathetic".
  22. Fixed possible crash when deconstructing habitat module.
  23. Fixed issue where worlds in some seeds spawned with only one or two biome types.
  24. Added Porta-Pod, Payload Emptyer, and Rocket Control Station to the tech tree.
  25. Reverted some accidental font changes in minion/care package select panels.
  26. Swapped the artwork of the gas and solid ports on the Payload Emptier.
  27. Fix dark colorstyle intended for load screen.
  28. Add icons to the load game details screen.
  29. Allow rockets to travel the final tile when they have exactly enough fuel left, rather than them being stranded with 1 tile range remaining.
  30. Increased the mob density of many creatures and plants across the cluster planets.
  31. Added a "crust" to several worlds to prevent upper biomes leaking into space.
  32. Moved outer ring planets in SwampStartCluster.yaml to rings 5 & 6 so they will be accessible until we add later tech rocket engines.
  33. Updated rocket port building descriptions.
  34. Show an icon/tooltip on a Spaced Out save.
  35. Colonies from the wrong version of the game are shown disabled in the load screen.