Update v445375


  1. Added Terra Cluster as a new starting option.
  2. Switched Terra Cluster to be first in the list.
  3. Added some random geysers to the inner cluster non-start worlds.
  4. Added a new Liquid Sulfur Geyser.

Changes and Fixes

  1. Added Plug Slugs and Sweetles to care packages.
  2. Changed the composition of the barren biome in the Swamp starting planetoid, and added volcanoes.
  3. Re-added the Early Access message at the beginning of the game.
  4. First pass planetoid description/name revisions.
  5. New art hooked up on the cluster select screen.
  6. Fix crash when entering an invalid number for Coordinates on the cluster select screen.
  7. Another crashfix for when habitat modules are destroyed.