Update v447213


  1. Fixing randomization of sound events from FMOD upgrade. The upgrade defaulted them to a not-particularly-random mode, now there are a bunch of sounds that should be less repetitive.
  2. Fixed crash when changing the Bottle Emptier to Sweep Only when a Duplicant has already picked up a bottle to deliver.


  1. Mod Uploader now prevents uploading a mod that doesn’t have mod_info.yaml.
  2. Added a link to the forums at the top of the Mod Uploader window.
  3. Translation mods are now loaded "as mods" rather than directly from steam workshop. This gives the possibility of loading translations locally (easier for developing these mods!) as well as installing translations on non-steam platforms via the "local" mods folder.
  4. Mods are now enabled per-dlc so that incompatible mods can be disabled in one case but re-enabled when back on a compatible DLC.
  5. Cut down on some log spam by making certain messages only show up if a mod is in the dev folder.
  6. Treat translation mods specially, and default them to ALL DLC combinations if no mod_info is found. This is to make a smoother transition as we roll out the mod_info stuff.