Update v452242


Added new Rocket Interior Fittings

  1. Power Outlet Fitting.
  2. Liquid Intake/Output Fittings.
  3. Gas Intake/Output Fittings.
  4. Conveyor Receptacle/Loader Fittings.

Added new modules and updated modules from base-game

  1. New Battery Module for rockets which stores excess power generated by a rocket engine or ground facilities. Provides stored power to Interior Rocket Outlets.
  2. Rocket engines now generate some power while in flight.
  3. New "Scanner Module" that will allow rockets to explore unexplored space and reveal tiles as they go.
  4. Revealing tiles on the cluster map with a Telescope or Scanner Module "peeks at" other nearby tiles, giving hints as to where other planets might be.
  5. Added Spaced Out! versions of the Hydrogen Engine and Liquid Oxidizer Tank.
  6. Added CryoFuel Propulsion tech to the Research Screen.

Expanded on the cluster and its resources

  1. Added new "Moo Moonlet" to Terra and Swamp Clusters.
  2. Added new "Water Moonlet" to Terra and Swamp Clusters.
  3. Add a new Resin Rooster point of interest. It will appear on newly generated Marshy Moonlets. (Art/Sound are work-in-progress).
  4. Added "Resin" material to the game. This is a precursor to Isoresin.
  5. Added "Graphite" material and recipes to the game. This is a precursor to Fullerene.
  6. Suit Durability is now a custom game setting.
  7. In progress: New effects added to rocket modules to indicate when a rocket is ready to launch.


  1. Potential workaround for users crashing before the Klei logo. Try adding "--force-opengl" to the Launch Options in Steam (right click Oxygen Not Included -> Properties).
  2. Fixed a temperature related crash which primarily happened on the frozen world with iron volcanoes.
  3. Fixed an issue where sometimes a geyser’s output would transition the wrong element, which made it appear as if a different element was being emitted.
  4. The new version of the Large Liquid Tank had an incorrect ID, which may have caused save/load issues. If you have a Large Liquid Tank in your save, you will need to deconstruct it and rebuild it.
  5. Fixed replacing a Spacefarer Module with a Solo Spacefarer Nosecone showing excess backwall.
  6. Fixed sounds for base game Rocket Engines in Spaced Out!
  7. Power sources no longer complain about missing consumers if there is a battery or transformer on the network.
  8. Display worldgen failure popup when guaranteed POIs are not successfully placed and return to main menu.
  9. Updated Korean and Chinese translations.
  10. Fixed rockets in space being "entombed" on load.


  1. Added new sounds to main menu.
  2. Added sound for Trailblazer Module and Scout Lander.
  3. Added ambient loop to the main menu.

Art and Animation

  1. New Duplicant animation in the main menu.
  2. Incremental loading animations for the Orbital Cargo Module.
  3. New animations for the Interplanetary Payload.
  4. Repositioned side view of Oxygen Mask.
  5. Visual updates to rocket engines that were ported over from the base game.
  6. Finalized artwork for Orbital Cargo Module.
  7. Added a Duplicant to the Spaced Out! main menu.
  8. Battery Module’s meter now follows it when the rocket is rearranged or launched.


  1. Fix for issue preventing some colony diagnostic alert settings from save/loading correctly.
  2. Rockets automatically request their crew/kick out passengers when the launch button is pressed, rather than requiring correct crew to press the button. This obsoletes the "Auto" crew setting and makes launching a rocket less fiddly.
  3. Center moons on the Choose A Destination screen.
  4. Fixed animations on the Choose A Destination screen.
  5. Centering Done button on options screens.
  6. Improved organization of the rocket checklist.
  7. Rework to the rocket module sidescreen.
  8. Worlds are listed in the order they are discovered. Does not apply to worlds already discovered worlds in existing saves.
  9. The "Cargo not loaded" launch condition was showing a blank message.
  10. Launch button and destination select are now on the Spacefarer Module, not the Basic Nosecone.


  1. Niobium Volcano is now guaranteed to spawn.
  2. Fixed a number of worldgen failures due to guaranteed geysers not spawning.
  3. Moved outer cluster worlds further out now that more rocket engines exist.


  1. Worldgen: We restructured the StreamingAssets folder separating the base and Spaced Out! files.
  2. Worldgen: We are phasing out the pointsOfInterest list in favour of using subworldTemplateRules.