Update v452481


  1. Hooked up codex icons for aquatic and moo biomes.
  2. Move the Small Oxidizer Tank to the same tech as the Sucrose Engine since they’re necessary for each other.
  3. Add the Large Oxidizer Tank and Scanner Module to the tech tree.
  4. Added a tooltip variation to the Fueled item in the launch checklist.
  5. Improved "All crew boarded" condition tooltip.


  1. Duplicants can now deliver resources to the Large Oxidizer Module.
  2. Rockets would sometimes not notice they were ready (animations, button, etc) if the checklist was completed in a certain order.
  3. Under-construction rocket modules no longer appear to be constructed before they’re finished.
  4. Crew are once again allowed to leave a rocket once it has landed (if the crew access is set to "All").
  5. Fixed rogue question marks on the starmap, as well as "landed" rockets appearing over planets.
  6. Fixed some worldgen failures related to the Water Moonlet.
  7. Fixed launch issue caused by having a warning state in "All crew boarded" condition.