Update v455425


New radiation system

  1. Radiation overlay.
  2. Mineable uranium element.
  3. New radiation sources including Cosmic radiation, radioactive Wheezeworts, and radioactive Shinebugs.
  4. Atomic Research Points added to tech tree.
  5. Added "Radiation Balance" line item to Duplicant’s condition panel.


  1. New "Beeta" and "Beetiny" critters will refine natural uranium ore.
  2. Beeta Hives can be harvests for uranium by Duplicants.

Buildings for producing and harnessing radioactive particles

  1. Centrifuge building refines uranium.
  2. Research Reactor building produces radiation.
  3. Radbolt Generator and Radbolt Redirector harness radiation to produce high-energy Radbolts.
  4. Atomic Collider research station turns Radbolts into tech.
  5. Decontamination shower cleanses both suited Duplicants and their carried items.

Dupe vulnerability and protection

  1. Fallout germ poses ongoing hazard.
  2. Lead Suits and Checkpoints provide shielding from radiation.
  3. Decontamination Shower cleanses Dupes and their cargo.
  4. Radiation Sickness can afflict exposed Duplicants.
  5. Basic Rad Pill to deal with absorbed radiation.

And including

  1. Radiation Sensor for automation.
  2. Orbital Research Station and Space Research Points added to tech tree.

Changes and Fixes


  1. Fixed crashes when deconstructing a door while a Duplicant is passing through.
  2. Fixed Printing Pod crash when trying to generate a Duplicant with an invalid trait combination.
  3. Dupes can no longer sanitize a suit using a sink or wash basin.


  1. Resin Rooster art completed.
  2. Fixed bug in flying critter death animation sound playback.
  3. Adjusted temperature ranges the Saturn Critter Trap and Tranquil Toes plants are comfortable at.
  4. Hatch falling animation revisions.
  5. Fixed Hatches floating in the air after being wrangled while burrowed.
  6. Saturn Critter Trap can only trap when in the open state, this will prevent it from trapping critters when wilting etc.
  7. The "Elderly" status item is now added when a creature has less than 10% of its lifespan remaining instead of a hard coded 5 cycles.


  1. Remove Unity splash screen.
  2. Fixed a bug that caused sidescreen titles to not update if you clicked from one building with a sidescreen to another.
  3. Fixed missing drag tool width/height/area labels.
  4. Fix rocket paths and names and progress bars sometimes being rotated around funny.
  5. Fix cases where a "new world detected!" message would not appear, notably when a rocket with a Cartographic Module revealed a world.
  6. Updated ui art for the Conductive Wire Bridge.


  1. Swapping out many placeholder strings, editing existing strings.
  2. Fixed long "Colony lacks skill" string.
  3. Added missing strings for Resin Rooster.
  4. Fixed incorrect Fullerene text link.
  5. Updated Korean and Chinese translations.


  1. Tweaked bubble animation on Small Oxidizer Tank.
  2. Art polish on the Basic Nosecone.
  3. Landers can now only be placed in appropriate locations (on the surface) and only on worlds they’re being deployed on.
  4. Got rid of the launching fx that was showing up in the under-construction Sugar Engine.
  5. Fix crash if a rocket with a Cartographic Module had a (?) as its destination.
  6. Telescope indicators once again show on the starmap.
  7. Fixed colour issue on liquid oxidizer tank.
  8. Fixed art bugs on Liquid Oxidizer Tank.


  1. Hooked up new backwall artwork for Moo Moonlet biome. Only present in new saves.
  2. Improved robustness of some guaranteed worldgen rules to address a number of worldgen failures.
  3. Hooked up correct Lead artwork.
  4. Improved worldgen rules for generating the core of the Water Asteroid to fix some worldgen failures.


  1. Research point constants were renamed in code for clarity.