Update v458490


  1. Added Radbolt Engine for exploring space with your new radiation technologies.
  2. Added Interplanetary Launcher to send resources between asteroids.
  3. Added Targeting Beacon to guide Payloads to a specific spot on a planetoid surface.
  4. Radioactive elements now emit radiation in the world (ores are still work-in-progress).

Changes and Updates

  1. Add Orbital Research Center sounds.
  2. Add Uranium Ore ambience sounds.
  3. Add Payload Opener sounds.
  4. Add Lead Suit Locker sounds.
  5. Updated Chinese, Russian, and Korean translations.
  6. Rearranged the tech tree to move Solid Rails earlier.
  7. Moved Cryofuel Propulsion and Monuments techs to a higher tier.
  8. Duplicants faces are more reliably changed when they are sick, sunburnt, etc, including new Hypothermia faces.
  9. Modified line weight for consistency on rocket modules.
  10. Solid Nuclear Waste and Corium are now "Miscellaneous" materials and can be stored in storages under that category.
  11. Rocket Pilot Station is now deconstructable and rebuildable. Rockets can’t launch without one. If it’s destroyed in flight, the rocket travels the same as if a dupe is unable to get to the station, i.e. at half speed.
  12. Research Reactor tile max venting pressure increased to 150kg.
  13. Research Reactor only samples calls near the top of the building for gas venting. It will vent to any non solid under pressure cell available in the sampled space.
  14. Updated Uranium item and UI artwork.
  15. Magma and marsh biome descriptions updated.
  16. Tweaks to various building descriptions.
  17. Orbital Cargo Module can transport items in the Edible, Cooking Ingredients, and Medicine categories.


  1. Fixed Rocket Engine exhaust leaking into rocket interiors.
  2. Fixed Rocket Pad flickering when launching a rocket.
  3. Fixed crash selecting a rocket destination on the edge of the starmap.
  4. Rocket Platform scaffolding now properly tints on overlays.
  5. Fixed detached Duplicant arm in the Payload Opener animation.
  6. Adjusted Radiation build menu icon to match overlay icon.
  7. Duplicants carying an Interplanetary Payload no longer pick up the dirt with it.
  8. Interplanetary Payloads now appear in front of buildings.
  9. Fix crash when a Duplicant is destroyed.
  10. Removed hidden output ports on cargo modules.
  11. Beeta Hives no longer drown to death or die when unsupported. Instead, they go into a "disabled" state until the issue is resolved.
  12. Beeta Hives no longer emit radiation when they are not digesting ore.
  13. Tweaked Beeta radiation emission values.