Update v464102


  1. Sleet Wheat and Nosh Sprouts now roll for mutations across their entire crop, rather than not at all.
  2. Gas Grass is now a normal seed producer for Spaced Out.
  3. Symbol tinting/scaling works for all plants now. This creates new visual differences for Bountiful, Exuberant, and Juicy Fruits mutations.
  4. Revised Metallic biome icon.
  5. Rocket Port building strings updated.
  6. Updated Simplified Chinese strings.


  1. Saturn Critter Trap no longer says it can mutate its seeds.
  2. Hooked up missing Saturn Critter Trap Seed artwork.
  3. Fix crash when toggling compost on mutant seeds.
  4. Fix a case where multiple rockets launching on separate worlds could emit gasses into the wrong world or not at all.
  5. Only play the "launch ignition" animation on rockets when taking off, not landing.
  6. Fix case where rocket ports would appear to be offline even though they were loading or unloading a rocket.
  7. Worldgen: Fixed border temperature gradient sometimes having its temperatures swapped.
  8. Worldgen: Extreme temperature borders now have a less extreme temperature in the middle.
  9. Pause screen now appears above other screens.