Update v476059


Spaced Out! only

  1. Rockets can now be self-destructed via the "ABANDON SHIP" UI button. Any Duplicants on board will be blasted towards the closest planetoid in an escape pod, along with a portion of the materials from the rocket.
  2. Added Wall Toilet building.
  3. Added a Ladder Bed building.
  4. Added Rocket Interior Ports to allow for directly piping gas and liquid into the rocket interior. Existing rockets will need to be rebuilt to make use of these.
  5. Gasses and Liquids can be vented to space using rocket interior ports while the rocket is in space.

Changes & Improvements

  1. Duplicants wearing suits are once again able to use hand sanitizer stations/sinks.
  2. Resized Hand Sanitizer building from 2x3 to 1x3 and updated art accordingly.
  3. The Vending Machine is now demolishable by Duplicants with the Demolition skill.
  4. Refrigerators ignore small masses when deciding to enter energy saver mode.
  5. Clarified language in fabricator side screen’s "no discovered recipes" text.

Spaced Out! Only

  1. Updated Starmap "half revealed hex" art.
  2. Updated Temporal Tear Opener animations to include radbolt port cover.
  3. Updated the starmap’s temporal tear opening animation.
  4. Duplicants now play the construction multitool animation when emptying Interplanetary Payloads.
  5. Adjusted the way ships/payloads on the starmap are positioned when there are lots in the same hex.
  6. Some artifacts now include additional lore text when viewed at the Artifact Analysis Station.
  7. Refrigerator now cools food while rocket control restrictions are applied.
  8. Duplicants are now required to exit through the spacecraft door when deploying to Trailblazer modules.
  9. Increase the number of background orbiting objects while a rocket is at a Space POI.
  10. Updated Trailblazer Lander’s descent animations.
  11. Trailblazer Lander now visible on clustermap during deploy/landing.
  12. Added more artifact lore.
  13. Added tooltips to empty & undiscovered space map spaces.


  1. Added Trailblazer Lander’s landing sound.
  2. Added rocket location sensor sound.
  3. Added Starmap rocket launching and landing sound.
  4. Added music stinger and fx sound to the Artifact Analyzed popup menu.
  5. Added reverb effects to spacefarer module interiors.


  1. Fixed a typo in ’A Paradox’ codex entry.
  2. Fixed a crash that could happen if an object loaded out of the world.
  3. Stored minions (i.e. in Base Game rockets, or Spaced Out Trailblazer Lander) will no longer lose their status effects.
  4. Removed reference to Carbon Skimmer in Liquid-Based Refinement Processes tech’s description as it is no longer there.
  5. Fixed stress tooltip crash on load affecting some players.

Base Game Only

  1. Removed duplicate Gantry entry from the research screen.

Spaced Out! Only

  1. Worldgen: Reduced massive obsidian tiles in the Niobium biome.
  2. Lead suits now count for Job Suitability achievement.
  3. Fixed issue preventing swapping of rocket engine modules when the destination module has a larger height capacity than the source module.
  4. Fixed issue causing some Starmap Location Sensor configurations to be reset on load.
  5. Fixed Starmap Location Sensor copy settings functionality.
  6. Fixed an error in the Supply Teleporter Output causing it to misevaluate viability of liquid transfer.
  7. Fixed crash on some saves due to falling liquid particles.
  8. Fixed parsing issue in SwampMoonlet.yaml.
  9. Fixed an issue causing poor Radbolt performance. They no longer slow down the game dramatically while in motion.
  10. Interplanetary Launcher now correctly displays ports during placement.
  11. It’s no longer possible to assign a Duplicant to multiple Trailblazer Landers simultaneously.
  12. Fixed codex biome icons with white backgrounds and added a new icon for the Regolith biome.
  13. Fixed title typo for Dasha Salt Vine codex entry.
  14. Fixed issue causing landed Radbolt Engines emitting radiation for one frame on load.
  15. Fixed issue preventing "Enter Temporal Tear" button from showing on eligible rockets.
  16. Fixed a bug where gantries would be destroyed when a rocket landed even if they were retracted.
  17. Fixed the Rubik’s Cube artifact lore entry.
  18. Fixed a bug where rockets would sometimes fail to harvest from space POIs even though they had proper storage modules.
  19. Duplicants without the Rocketry skill can no longer use the Rocket Control Station.
  20. Duplicants do not use the Rocket Control Station while the rocket is not travelling.
  21. Buildings now use the correct colour for unfiltered inputs and outputs.
  22. Fixed issue causing some artifact descriptions to display incorrectly in the Artifact Analysis Station.
  23. Fixed issue causing invalid Rail Gun Payload name.
  24. Liquid Pump no longer duplicates Nuclear Waste.

Changes since last public testing branch update

  1. Updated Chinese localization.

Spaced Out! Only

  1. Fixed crash that could occur when loading saves with Oil Wells.
  2. Moved location of liquid input/output ports in the Solo Spacefarer Module. Solo Spacefarer Modules built before this change will not see this change.
  3. Adjusted venting offsets in Spacefarer modules. Solo Spacefarer Modules built before this change will no longer be able to vent liquid to space.
  4. Added "Effect" strings to the Interior Rocket Conduit Ports.
  5. Fixed issue causing flipped Wall Toilets to not detect blocked output.