Update v478755


Spaced Out! Only

  1. Added Party Line Phone building.
  2. Added Radbolt Joint Plate building.
  3. Added Automation Broadcaster and Automation Broadcast Receiver buildings.
  4. Rockets now burn one hex worth of fuel when taking off and landing.
  5. Rockets in old save files that are in-flight and have at least some fuel or oxidizer in their tanks will have their fuel and oxidizer tanks topped off to prevent stranding rockets.
  6. Rebalanced rocket engine fuel consumption rates, resulting in changes to the ranges of rockets.
  7. Increased CO2 Engine range from 4 to 6.
  8. Increased Sugar Engine range from 4 to 6.
  9. Increased Steam Engine range from 6 to 10.
  10. Increased Small Petrol Engine fuel efficiency to change base range from 6 to 10.
  11. Increased Petrol Engine fuel efficiency to change range per tank from 6 to 10.
  12. Increased Hydrogen Engine fuel efficiency to change range per tank from 9 to 16.
  13. Reduced the number of Radbolts the Radbolt engine can store from 4800 to 4000. This results in a maximum range decrease of 24 to 20.
  14. Adjusted the power and burden of rocket engines to speed up space flights and bring some under-performing engines more in line with the rest.
  15. Rockets with the Round Trip toggle active will now wait until POI harvesting is complete before returning to their source.
  16. Increased maximum height of the Steam Engine from 20 to 25.

Changes & Improvements

  1. Fullscreen mode is now borderless (game doesn’t minimize when using a secondary monitor).
  2. Added sound for automation & radiation toggle overlay activation.
  3. Updated all supported localizations.
  4. Added sounds for Conveyor Rail Germ Sensor, Element Sensor and Temperature Sensor.
  5. Added hammer strike sounds for Conveyor Rail Germ Sensor, Element Sensor and Temperature Sensor, Conveyor Chute and Conveyor Shutoff.

Spaced Out! Only

  1. The length of the pending path is now shown when selecting a rocket destination.
  2. Limited the height of rockets to 30 tiles when no engine exists to define the height.
  3. Added Rover Lander deploy Starmap animation.
  4. Added launch/land animations for Interplanetary Payload on starmap.
  5. Adjusted Trailblazer Lander starmap animation to appear over the target world.
  6. The Temporal Tear Opener is no longer deconstructable.
  7. Added sound for Trailblazer Lander on the starmap.
  8. Added sound for Rover Lander and Escape Pod on the starmap .
  9. Added sound for Temporal Tear on the starmap.
  10. Art changes to buildings with Radbolt input ports.
  11. Spacefarer Conduit Port Tiles art revision.
  12. Ladder Bed art and animation revision.
  13. Wall Toilet’s output is only blocked by substantial liquid amounts on the output tile.
  14. Added sound for Ladder Bed.
  15. Added sound for rocket Scout Lander landing sequence.


  1. Fixed lighting and biome tinting on Linux and other platforms where it was previously inverted.
  2. Fixed an issue that could cause an unexpected column of natural tiles to appear on load.
  3. Removed stray black lines sticking out from some tile artwork.
  4. Duplicants and critters will no longer idle in locations where Airflow Tiles, Mesh Tiles, Insulated Tiles, and Farm Tiles are being constructed.
  5. Wall Pot can now be placed next to a tile under construction.
  6. Fixed Drecko description in Care Package screen to reflect its true diet.
  7. Added missing input bindings text for tools.
  8. Fixed typo in dying off germs tooltip.
  9. Fixed crash that could occur when a very sleepy Duplicant used the Teleporter Transmitter.
  10. Duplicants can no longer use a Mess Table when it’s non-operational.

Base Game Only

  1. Fixed crash clicking on Red Alert notification.
  2. Fixed crash when a Duplicant in a Command Capsule loses their balloon.
  3. Fixed issue where a space destination returned less than the reserved amount.

Spaced Out! Only

  1. Fixed bug where Spacefarer Ports could get stuck in a blocked state when they should be able to vent into space.
  2. Fixed bug where Diamond Press was not playing sound.
  3. Fixed several starmap rocket animation issues affecting self-destruct and mining animation playback.
  4. Fixed disease source visualization of Wall Toilets.
  5. The Mini Liquid Pump no longer leaks Nuclear Waste.
  6. "Switch Planetoid" keyboard shortcuts now work while the starmap screen is open.
  7. Fixed disappearing progress bar of the Radbolt Generator when switching to Materials/Decor overlays.
  8. Wall Toilet is no longer operational when missing wall tiles.
  9. Fixed issue for dynamic music "To the Stars" where it only played the beginning section.