Update v481350


Spaced Out! Only

  1. World traits applied to many worlds in a cluster.
  2. Added Radbolt Sensor building.
  3. Added Classic Rime Cluster.
  4. Added "storage full" automation output ports to buildings that store and consume Radbolts.
  5. Added an in-world effect when an area has a high amount of radiation.
  6. The Duplicant in the Cryotank 3000 will now always spawn with the "Ancient Knowledge" trait, granting them 3 skill points and preventing them from spawning with any traits that make them bad at tasks.

Added new Duplicant traits

  1. Alone.
  2. Starry Eyed.
  3. Glow Stick.
  4. Radiation Eater.

Added new world traits

  1. Lush Core.
  2. Radioactive Crust.
  3. Metallic Caves.
  4. Crashed Satellites.
  5. Frozen Friend.

Added New achievements

  1. First Teleport of Call.
  2. Soft Launch.
  3. GMO A-OK.
  4. Mine the Gap.
  5. Radical Trip.
  6. Sweeter Than Honey.
  7. Morale High Ground.
  8. That’s Rad.
  9. Cluster Conquest.

Changes & Improvements

  1. Database entries for buildings list classification for room requirements.
  2. Rework creature diet Database entry to show input/output rates.
  3. List Element consumers and producers in Database entries.
  4. Asteroid selection screen resizes according to screen height.
  5. Updated all localizations.


  1. World traits are now configured using worldTraitRules. If none are specified and world traits are enabled it defaults to 2-4 traits.


  1. Added Duplicant whistling sound for Grooming Station interaction.
  2. Added hammer strike sound for Atmosuit Checkpoint.
  3. Added sound for dead Duplicant carrying interaction.
  4. Added hammer strike sound for Weight Plate.
  5. Added Duplicant mourning sound.

Base Game Only

  1. The clock tooltip now displays the world type in instead of a random name. Saves created prior to the Breath of Fresh Air update will default to "Terra".

Spaced Out! Only

  1. Added rocket interior building restrictions to recreation buildings.
  2. Party Line Phone calling animation changes when duplicants call each other at the same time.
  3. The cluster name is now displayed in the clock tooltip.
  4. Moved Radbolt Joint Plate to Radiation Refinement tech.
  5. Element Categories such as "Refined Metal" and "Filtration Medium" now have Database pages.
  6. Improved worldgen rules including more reliably placing Iron Volcanos on Tundra Asteroid.
  7. Changed Materials Science research to Applied Sciences research .


  1. Added Party Line Phone sound.
  2. Added Party Line Phone hammer strike sound.
  3. Added different hammer strike sounds for different door types.
  4. Added hammer strike sounds for the Ribbon Reader & Writer.
  5. Added sound for Temporal Tear Opener.


  1. Fixed element name in geyser tooltip.
  2. Fixed double "Effects:" typo in room overlay text.
  3. Fixed Database recipe links for seeds and eggs not working.
  4. Worldgen: Always draw world borders over biomes below the surface.
  5. Fixed spacing typos in the Thermo Regulator and Thermo Aquatuner.
  6. Research Systems Database entry now reflects differences in base game and Spaced Out! Content.
  7. Fixed inverted shader issue for tiled blocks and world zone textures affecting Linux.
  8. Fix Duplicant skill links in the Database, and don’t include references to removed skills or skills from DLC if not enabled.
  9. Fixed dead Database hyperlinks for Duplicant skills.
  10. Removed blank tooltips in the destination selection screen.
  11. Nyctophobic duplicants are once again afraid of the dark.
  12. Added missing status strings to the Refrigerator.
  13. Potential fix for suits being delivered to the wrong locker.
  14. The "Volcanic Activity" world trait now uses an Abyssalite border instead of Granite.


  1. Reduce overall frame time by spreading out a few more systems.
  2. Implemented performance improvements relating to hitches caused by UI updates.

Spaced Out! Only

  1. Prevent crash when loading a save with identically named worlds.
  2. Saturn Critter Trap vents gas correctly again.
  3. Duplicants can no longer attack Experiment 52B using the attack tool.
  4. Dead Duplicants are no longer brought back to life and put in escape pods during Abandon Ship sequence.
  5. Fixed crash that could occur during Abandon Ship! sequence.
  6. Add missing Party Line Phone status item.
  7. Fixed Party Line Phone consuming power when not in use.
  8. Changed Helium Cloud description to accurately reflect composition.
  9. Fixed hyperlink for Orbital Research Center and Materials Study Terminal to point to proper DLC research Database entry.
  10. Fixed "colony lacks skill" tooltip on Materials Study Terminal.
  11. Fixed Artifact Module crash when updating status items in space.
  12. Changed the Radiation systems Database entry so it doesn’t show up in the base game.
  13. Fixed issue where a rocket would sometimes incorrectly say it had enough fuel for a trip when it did not.
  14. Fixed issue where a rocket would sometimes say it did not have enough fuel for a trip when it did.
  15. Fixed Rover’s status item tooltips displaying incorrect name.
  16. Fixed Major/Minor Irritation tooltips on Shower.
  17. Fixed a typo in the Supply Teleporter Output description.
  18. Optimized some textures, fixing an atlas overflow error when clicking on a Teleporter for the first time.
  19. Fixed crash composting certain mutant seeds.
  20. Worldgen: Removed Superconductive Asteroid’s crust, which was unintentionally added.
  21. Fixed Temporal Tear Opener animation playback issue.
  22. Fixed Interplanetary Launcher and Landing Beacon not detecting obstructions on certain worlds.
  23. Fixed issue where building on a Regolith Asteroid could result in infinite digging.