Update v486499


All versions

  1. Added new "Suit Sustainability Training" skill, which slows exosuit durability damage. Note: this replaces "W.I.P. Skill" in Spaced Out!

Spaced Out! only

  1. Added Classic Style "The Badlands" cluster.
  2. Added Classic Style "Volcanea" cluster.
  3. Added Classic Style "Arboria" cluster.
  4. Added Classic Style "Aridio" cluster.
  5. Added new music "Leaking Dimensions".
  6. Added Radbolt Chamber building.
  7. Re-implemented the Space Scanner.
  8. Re-implemented the Telescope from the base game, now called Enclosed Telescope.

Changes and Improvements

All versions

  1. World traits now have unique icons in the destination selection screen.
  2. The anti-entombment code is much less aggressive when searching for a place to move Duplicants when they are covered by falling tiles (such as sand).

Spaced Out! only


  1. Increased all radiation emission sources intensity.
  2. Most sources were increased by 10x (except for the Glow Stick trait, which is slightly reduced).
  3. Research Reactor was increased by 20x.
  4. Shine bug was increased by 5x.
  5. Reduced Radbolt Generator radiation to radbolt conversion efficiency by 90%.
  6. Increased plant radiation tolerances, minimum radiation requirements, and radiation mutation thresholds by 10x.
  7. Adjusted Radiation Eater rads/kcal ratio to roughly preserve old kcal generation potential with the new emission intensity tuning.
  8. Increased standard Duplicant radiation recovery from 60 to 100 rads/cycle.
  9. Radiation now kills germs on ores, buildings, critters and dupes.


  1. Changed Classic Style Verdante cluster to be more similar to the base game. Irregular oil placement and removed frozen Rust biome.
  2. Changed Classic Style Verdante Cluster coordinate prefix to V-LUSH-C to match the base game. Classic Style Arboria Cluster now uses its V-FRST-C prefix instead. Existing saves will switch to the new prefix.
  3. Changed Classic Style Oceania’s second world to "Glowood Wasteland Asteroid.".
  4. Starting asteroids in Spaced Out! clusters now experience 50% less cosmic radiation than other asteroids in the cluster (now approximately 125 rads/cycle). Moonlet Cluster Badlands, Flipped, and Radioactive Ocean are unchanged.
  5. Moonlet Cluster asteroids no longer share orbits as it was causing a number of issues.
  6. Added world traits to Moonlet Cluster asteroids.
  7. Metallic Swampy no longer guarantees a Metal Rich world trait.
  8. Changed Jungle biome on the Desolands asteroid to use Spaced Out critter/plant/seed tuning.
  9. Allow Metallic Caves world trait on smaller asteroids.
  10. Added a new POI to Regolith Asteroid.
  11. Made the sea bed thicker on Water Asteroid.
  12. Improved worldgen rules to prevent failure when placing the landing area of the Water Moonlet and Superconductive Asteroid.
  13. Revised Experiment 52b tuning to produce significantly more resin per kcal (200kcal/kg) but at a much slower rate.
  14. The Radbolt Generator automation port now simply turns the building on and off instead of preventing radbolts from firing.
  15. Changed description of Radbolt Generator to better reflect how it functions.
  16. Meteor showers no longer fall on unvisited asteroids.
  17. Rocket Platforms now have an automation output port indicating if a rocket is on the platform.
  18. Rockets will remember their last launch pad per world and prioritize landing there if a specific pad is not chosen.
  19. Added new Duplicant animation to the main menu.
  20. Updated all starting and nearby asteroid icons.
  21. Rover can now build buildings up to the second tier.
  22. Added an extra tile of thickness to portions of the Spacefarer Module’s interior ceiling to increase radiation shielding. Note: This change will only apply to newly built Spacefarer Modules.
  23. The crafting menu now remembers each recipe’s preferred materials selection on a per-world basis.
  24. Finalized Manual Radbolt Generator animations.
  25. Added sound for Manual Radbolt Generator.
  26. Removed displaying nearby and distant asteroids at the top of the Choose a Destination screen.
  27. Pips can now be found in care packages even if they haven’t been discovered yet. This means it’s possible to get Pips in the Rime Cluster.
  28. Added contamination killing properties to Radiation system database entry.
  29. Added more random asteroid names.
  30. Updated Plant Mutations database entry.
  31. Clarified Cosmic Archaeology achievement text.
  32. Improved the look of the in-world radiation visualization.
  33. Renamed some clusters and starting asteroids.
  34. Added Database entries for rocket modules.
  35. Added diagnostics for when rockets arrive at a world but aren’t landing.
  36. Payload Opener no longer requires Duplicant operation but it does require power.
  37. Added Empty Storage button to the Payload Opener.
  38. Liquid Sucrose now transitions to Carbon Dioxide at 230 C.
  39. Adjusted thermal conductivity and specific heat capacity of solid/liquid Sucrose.
  40. Added hyperlinks for Botanical Analyzer and Radiation Lamp in Plant Mutations codex entry.
  41. Hooked up Mini-Pod activation animation.
  42. Added sound for Mini-Pod activation animation.
  43. Added hammer strike sound for Mini-Pod, Manual Radbolt Generator and Radiation Lamp.
  44. Swapped order of Moonlet Cluster Desolands and Frozen Forest.
  45. Removed Experimental tag from Moonlet Clusters.


All versions

  1. Fixed an issue where a building’s access permissions could stop working if a Duplicant with custom access permissions died & was buried.
  2. Fixed an issue where materials delivered to a construction site could be destroyed, causing the construction to fail.
  3. Removed unused "genetic traits" from non-English languages on the Duplicant selection screen.
  4. Fixed entombment issues with rockets.
  5. Fixed "No Research assigned" and "Colony lacks skill" tooltips listing the wrong hotkey to open the Skills Panel.
  6. Fixed issue causing research screen sidebar preset filter buttons to be ineffective in non English language translation settings.
  7. Removed additional automation input port from the Smart Storage Bin.
  8. Fixed a collision bug which made Duplicants think they were entombed when they were not. This resulted in anti-entombment code triggering more often than it should.
  9. Duplicants no longer occasionally slide off a tile to the right while falling in a liquid.
  10. Gantry is considered a building for filtered tools.
  11. Removed FOW from Jungle POI that was not being cleared when opening a door.

Base game only

  1. Clarified Scan Quality tooltip to use ’industrial machinery’ instead of ’heavy machinery’.
  2. Fixed issue allowing UI hotkeys to be activated while changing a rocket’s name in the Starmap.

Spaced Out! only


  1. Significantly reduced the amount of time it takes the Rover to pick a new task in large bases.
  2. The Rover’s multitool effects now function.
  3. Rovers no longer level up their skills.
  4. Landers are now selectable, and do not disappear after a save/ load.
  5. You can now deconstruct rovers that are out of batteries.
  6. Fixed issue preventing reorder rocket module buttons from being usable in some situations where they should be.
  7. Beetinys can now be trapped by the Saturn Critter Trap (and other traps).
  8. Fixed an issue where the hive harvest animation was playing behind the hive.
  9. Prevent ores being thrown to adjacent asteroids.
  10. Rockets can no longer launch without a Rocket Platform.
  11. Fixed issue where rockets could land on disabled rocket Platforms.
  12. Fixed bug where some builds would show a "insufficient resources" status item, even though the world has more than enough resources to do the build.
  13. Fixed crash that could occur when Rocket Platform is created and destroyed rapidly.
  14. Fixed crash when abandoning a rocket.
  15. Rocket Port Loaders/Unloaders now consume power while loading/unloading.
  16. Rocket module list no longer resets position to top after a selection is made.
  17. The anti-entombment code will no longer teleport duplicants into closed doors.
  18. Fixed issue preventing consumables screen from scrolling horizontally while hovering over an Asteroid divider/header.
  19. Crash landing dupes now count toward Cluster Conquest achievement.
  20. Rover no longer plays sounds while stored.
  21. Fixed Duplicants sometimes being trapped in a rocket after the Spacefarer module is reordered.
  22. Lowered internal priority of Payload Opener delivery chore.
  23. Fixed crash hovering over Radbolt status item of destroyed Radbolt.
  24. Fixed layering issue of the Manual Radbolt Generator.
  25. Improved Moonlet Cluster Badlands worldgen rules.


  1. Fixed issue using HatchMetalConfig.METAL_ORE_TAGS in mods.