Update v489681


Spaced Out! only

  1. Added sandbox "Happy" tool to adjust Duplicant stress.
  2. Radiation difficulty is now an adjustable new game setting.
  3. Added skippable intro cinematic which plays the first time the game is launched.

Changes and Improvements

All versions

  1. Added a new hat to the Exosuit Training skill.
  2. Hooked up new icons for the Space Scanner.
  3. Reskinned patch notes screen to match other menu UI.
  4. Small adjustments to Vitals screen layout to better handle Disease text overflow.
  5. Small adjustments to schedule screen layout.
  6. Destination select seed row no longer contained in the scrolling panel.
  7. Disabled Errands diagnostic as it was not accurate and potentially misleading.
  8. Adjusted yellow keyword color to something that appears more readable on both light and dark backgrounds.

Updated all localizations

Spaced Out! Only

  1. Updated Cluster selection screen to show all world traits in the cluster in the right column when the left column’s header is selected.
  2. Solar Panel Modules now partially block light while grounded.
  3. Cartographic Module now reveals any hidden map entities adjacent to it as it travels.
  4. When an asteroid is revealed it now also reveals all of the tiles that make up that asteroid’s orbit.
  5. Renamed Mid-Sized Swampy Asteroid to Stinko Swamp.
  6. Revised Radioactive Swamp Planet Asteroid icon.
  7. Corrected UI states of Volcanea asteroid and Frozen Forest asteroid icons.
  8. The Supply Teleporter buildings are now prioritizable.
  9. Disabled sandbox radiation tool as it was not effective at dosing radiation.
  10. Adjusted scale of Moonlet Cluster asteroid icons on the destination select screen.
  11. Revised Spacefarer Interior Hatch artwork.
  12. Increased the radiation reaction threshold from 100% of minor sickness exposure to 133%. (Scales with difficulty).
  13. Added sound and hammer strike sound for Radbolt Chamber.
  14. The base "Duplicant" trait no longer gives +1 Piloting.
  15. The Piloting attribute is now listed in the Duplicant skills panel.
  16. The fullerene meteor shower is now shorter and has a higher concentration of fullerene.
  17. Auto-Sweeper can now deliver Interplanetary Payloads to Payload Openers.
  18. Revised Payload Opener animations.
  19. Added "currently stored amount" status item to buildings which store Radbolts.
  20. Added DLC content indicator stripe to achievements in the Colony Summary Screen.
  21. Added sound for glowing Beeta Hive.
  22. Radiation Sickness now shows up in the Disease column of the Vitals screen.
  23. The germ-killing properties of radiation is now visible in the "Germs" details tab.
  24. Hooked up Cryotank 3000 interact animation.
  25. Revised Cryotank pop-up artwork.
  26. Added sound for Cryotank 3000.
  27. Improved defrost sequence for Cryotank 3000. Resized building to correct size.
  28. Increased the rate that radiation kills Food Poisoning & Slimelung germs.
  29. Duplicants avoid idling in high-radiation areas.
  30. Schedule screen now shows Duplicant’s world and highlights Duplicants on the active world.
  31. Rockets now use their Spacefarer Module icon as their world UI icon instead of a white rocket silhouette.
  32. Edited database entry for Experiment 52B.
  33. Increased resolution of cloth towel prop in main menu animation.
  34. Space POI now show artifact recharge time remaining in their details panel.
  35. Rocket module strings now explain they must be built via a Rocket Platform.
  36. Updated Cluster Style Select Screen animations.
  37. Added a confirmation pop-up box when the Temporal Tear Opener is fired.
  38. Radbolts now always show a decimal point when the amount is not a full number, instead of only when under 10 Radbolts.
  39. Interplanetary Launcher’s cost simplified to 10 Radbolts per hex.
  40. Revised Tundra Asteroid, Marshy Asteroid, Moo Asteroid and Superconductive Asteroid icons.
  41. Worldgen:
  42. Reduced the surface radiation tuning on many asteroids.
  43. Slightly increased radiation on Frozen Forest Asteroid.
  44. Significantly increased surface radiation on Radioactive Ocean Asteroid.
  45. Removed oil from teleporter POI on Classic-style clusters as the destination does not contain oil.
  46. Rusty Oil Asteroid’s ocean biome may include a Salt Water Geyser if there is space.
  47. Irradiated Forest Asteroid’s ocean biome may include a Salt Water Geyser if there is space.
  48. Included Copper Volcano in curated geyser list of Irradiated Forest Asteroid, Irradiated Marsh Asteroid, and Irradiated Swampy Asteroid.


All versions

  1. Fix for Duplicants getting stuck in the air.
  2. Fixed flickering when a Duplicant finishes their locomotion transition animation.
  3. Fixed wires not displaying their connected circuit info in the Energy tab.
  4. Fixed some misbehaving UI in the All Diagnostics Screen: fixed icon hover highlights, corrected alphabetical sorting, renamed "Tutorial disabled" state to "Temporarily disabled".
  5. Fixed issue allowing drop-down panels to overflow off screen edges when UI scale was above 100%.
  6. Fixed an issue where doors would sometimes close on Duplicants who were attempting to perform a chore while standing in the doorway.
  7. Fixed food being stuck in the Fresh state.
  8. Fixed Oxygen Mask navigation not respecting Vacancy Only settings.
  9. Fixed issue preventing Duplicants from correctly reserving oxygen masks.
  10. Fixed Super Productive instantly completing work all the time instead of only 10% of the time.
  11. Fixed crash that could occur when assigning a Duplicant to a schedule moments after their death.
  12. Demolish, Empty, Attack and Power Supply errands can now be prioritized.
  13. Assigning clothes/suits can now be prioritized.
  14. Epic Game Store: Fixed login status change so achievements continue to unlock after the authorization ticket has expired.
  15. Performance:
  16. Optimized farm diagnostics. Save files with a lot of farm tiles should see significant gains.
  17. Significantly optimized Sweepys searching for other Sweepys to bump into.
  18. Significantly improved performance of dig tool when marking large areas.

Base game only

  1. Hide radiation shielding descriptor of elements.

Spaced Out! only

  1. The Piloting attribute now actually affects the speed of rockets.
  2. Fixed issue where Radbolt Engine continues to emit radiation after landing.
  3. Fixed issue where rocket engines would not emit flames when landing.
  4. Fixed crash occurring when food rots in space.
  5. Fixed crash when launching rocket into unanalyzed space.
  6. Rockets now revalidate their path when the Cartographic Module is deconstructed, and will remove their currently set destination if they can no longer travel there.
  7. Updated the strings for the "Data Analysis Researcher" skill to reference the updated research building.
  8. Fixed missing string in control bindings.
  9. Crew assignment sidescreen no longer resets scroll position after making a crew change selection.
  10. Cluster Travelers now validate their path on load & will also force-reveal their current location if they somehow ended up on an undiscovered space hex.
  11. Fixed issue with Duplicants not putting on a suit when deployed in the Trailblazer.
  12. Various improvements to worldgen rules.
  13. Radiation resistance amounts over 100% no longer cause radiation to be removed from the Duplicant.
  14. Fixed issue causing Starmap camera to zoom in and out while scrolling panels in the UI.
  15. Fixed missing Strange Brick artifact in analysis pop-up.
  16. Fixed art issue with the Interplanetary Launcher where the Radbolt port turned green for a few frames during its animation.
  17. Fixed Rocket Port Loaders not loading newly created rockets.
  18. Interplanetary Launcher turns off when not enough Radbolts are in storage.
  19. Fixed issues causing Rocket Cargo Module tooltips to overflow off screen edges.
  20. Allow multiple deliveries to the Payload Opener and hook up the storage meter.
  21. Fixed misalignment of Rover beam.
  22. Fixed issue where a Duplicant assigned to the Teleporter Transmitter would not re-enter the teleporter on load.
  23. Warp ready notification now selects the Teleporter Transmitter instead of the Duplicant.
  24. Fixed issue where Duplicant animation would sometimes pause while using the Party Line Phone.
  25. Revealing an asteroid with the Telescope now properly reveals the orbit of the asteroid.
  26. The Telescope Target marker now properly updates its position & shows progress on the Starmap.
  27. The Starmap no longer thinks the Telescope Target marker is an "unknown object".
  28. Fixed a bug where multiple Telescope Target markers could be on a single cell on the Starmap.
  29. Fixed Small Solid Oxidizer tank’s meter not working.
  30. Fixed Rocket Control Station automation which would sometimes result in incorrect usage restriction states.
  31. Added tooltip to the Colony Summary Screen indicating an achievement is DLC content.
  32. Fixed Cryotank opening animation sometimes being stuck.
  33. Fixed crash loading saves with Rocket modules on a world without a Rocket Platform.
  34. Hid Copy Building button during victory cinematic sequence.
  35. Activation chores are recreated on load and can be prioritized.
  36. Added a "Digesting" status item to the Beeta Hive; this fixes the issue of an empty status item that was added while the hive was digesting ores.
  37. Robots can no longer take medicine.
  38. Added hyperlinks in Beeta codex, fixed typos.
  39. Fixed landed rockets appearing incorrectly on the Starmap if the screen hadn’t been previously opened.
  40. Fixed Liquid Intake Fitting and Liquid Output Fitting off-gassing when pipe is full.
  41. Fixed issue with Rocket restrictions not properly set on load.
  42. Fixed crash loading saves older than the Cosmic Calling update.
  43. Telescope now consumes power while in use.
  44. Temporal Tear Opener confirmation popup now mentions meteor shower.
  45. Temporal Tear Opener details panel now mentions meteor shower.
  46. Fixed crash which could sometimes happen if a diagnostic was set to Never Visible.
  47. Fixed crash deconstructing a Rocket Control Station.
  48. Fix for seeds being unplantable after uprooting a plant.
  49. Fixed issue where a lead suit that had its battery depleted then refilled would not provide Duplicant insulation bonus.


  1. Reserved 10 artifacts as Terrestrial only to ensure the Cosmic Archaeology achievement can be completed.