Update v493472


All versions

  1. Added WeGame modding support.

Changes and Improvements

All Versions

  1. Adjustments to meters on many buildings when using colorblind settings.
  2. Adjusted lineweight for Electric Grill.
  3. Updated localizations.

Spaced Out! only

  1. Enclosed Telescope now shows sunburn and Radiation protection percentages in building effects description.
  2. Experiment 52B now lists kcal to resin kg conversion ratio in Database entry.
  3. Planetoids in the Starmap now display Peak Lux and Cosmic Radiation values in the World Traits section of their details panel.
  4. Added info about sunburn/radiation protection to Enclosed Telescope description.
  5. Added trait icons to the World Traits section of the planetoid detail panel.


All versions

  1. Linux: Fixed issue where world traits were different from Windows/OSX.
  2. Fixed issue where Neural Vacillator could not be used after recharging.
  3. Prevented crash caused by loading large colony preview images.
  4. Restored consumable screen table header tooltips. Also fixed weird image size change on hover.
  5. Critters no longer idle where an under construction Pneumatic Doors is placed.


  1. Sweepys are no longer afraid of literally everything; now they are only afraid of critters.
  2. Potential fixes for rare Sweepy crashes when unloading or charging at a Sweepy’s Dock.
  3. When a Sweepy explodes, it no longer deposits its displayed object under the ground.
  4. Sweepy sweeping text no longer overlaps picked up resource text.


  1. Duplicants equipping a suit that needs charging now first put on the suit before running to the suit dock.
  2. Suit storage is now only used when the suit is actually equipped; it’s not enough for it to be assigned.
  3. Updated worn suit repair strings to point to the correct building.
  4. Removed equippable prioritizable on chore cancel.
  5. Fixed Glass Forge FX flicker.
  6. Fixed comet detector tooltip indicating "Good" quality regardless of actual quality.
  7. Fixed mass display rounding error on cell selection tooltip.
  8. Major/Minor Eye Irritation debuff strings are now consistent.
  9. Fixed some typos in the Database.

Spaced Out! only

  1. Fixed issue where Rocket restrictions were sometimes applied incorrectly on load if the Rocket Control Station was loaded after the other buildings.
  2. Fixed issue where copy settings on farm plots would plant the wrong mutation of seed.
  3. Fixed a rare crash that could occur when research finishes while using the Materials Study Terminal.
  4. Fixed crash when a Rover was given a Balloon. Robots are not allowed to have balloons due to implementation constraints.
  5. Refreshed crew panel onspawn so ’crew’ or ’all’ highlights correctly on the first click.
  6. Solid tiles inside a Rocket beside the door now prevent Duplicants from navigating through them.
  7. Fixed deconstructed buildings tiles affecting Radiation-blocking values.
  8. Trailblazer Landers no longer deploy multiple Duplicants or allow Duplicants from the surface to teleport up to the Rocket in orbit.
  9. Fixed missing "Too Much Liquid" text on non-start worlds.
  10. Fixed issue where rummaging satellites sometimes yielded unusable Data Banks intended for the base game.
  11. Fixed crash when disinfecting a Radbolt Engine.
  12. Fixed crash when deploying a Duplicant wearing a Lead Suit.
  13. Radbolt Chamber no longer consumes a tiny amount of Radbolts on load. This fixes an issue where the output automation port is red on load.
  14. Fixed crash deconstructing a Rocket with a Drillcone.
  15. Fixed issues causing Rocket detail screen UI to sometimes show a previously selected Rocket’s Artifact module information.


  1. Fixed or added various links, including for Atmo Suit Dock and Atmo Suit Checkpoint in Atmo Suits tutorial.
  2. Updated Space POI descriptions to match current resources contained.


  1. Significantly reduced memory allocations in Starmap calculations which was causing a performance issue.