Update v497575

Changes and Improvements

All versions

  1. Updated Chinese localizations.

Spaced Out! only

  1. Fabricators which have recipes with seeds as ingredients now include a toggle to forbid the user of Mutant Seeds.


All versions

  1. Fixed issue causing build menu building buttons to be improperly sized after activating the "Copy Building" tool.
  2. Fixed issue causing tools drag area tools such as ’Dig’ to get stuck in drag mode after releasing their button.
  3. Fixed issue preventing gamepads from controlling the Skill Screen camera.
  4. Fixed issue causing performance hitch when selecting a building from the build menu.
  5. Fixed an issue that was causing modded Duplicant personalities to not show up as initial Duplicant choices.


  1. ModUtil.AddBuildingToPlanScreen now supports adding buildings before or after another building ID.
  2. Some functionality was added to attempt to detect modded buildings added incorrectly and add them through ModUtil.AddBuildingToPlanScreen.
  3. Marked Obsolete.
  4. PlanInfo.data - Use ModUtil.AddBuildingToPlanScreen.
  5. Personality constructor - without isStartingMinion.
  6. ModUtil.AddBuildingToHotkeyBuildMenu - BuildMenu class is not used.