Update v509629


All versions

  1. Added Cuddle Pip critter morph.
  2. Added Delecta Vole critter morph.
  3. Added Sanishell critter morph.
  4. Added Oakshell critter morph.
  5. Added four new Duplicants: Amari, Pei, Quinn and Steve.
  6. Added new Duplicant traits Banshee and Yodeler.
  7. Added Clothing Refashionator building with new outfits.
  8. New idle animations on the Printing Pod screen.
  9. Added two new artwork variations to the Blank Canvas.
  10. Added Curried Beans recipe.
  11. Steam Deck compatibility verified.

Changes and Improvements

All versions


  1. Dreckos and Glossy Dreckos consume significantly less plant growth per cycle to adjust for a related bug fix.
  2. Pokeshells now consume 50% less mass (polluted dirt or rot piles) per cycle.
  3. Grooming Station and Shearing Station now provide husbandry experience.
  4. Duplicants gain some husbandry experience when wrangling critters.
  5. Wrangling speed is faster with a higher husbandry level.
  6. Added Copy settings to Incubators.
  7. Added shearing animation to Dreckos.
  8. Added creature egg Attacking status item, different from the Protecting status item (may attack).
  9. Added Ranching Supply errand to the Supplying errand group.
  10. Duplicants can now climb down a tile and jump across a gap. They could already do the reverse.
  11. The "Copy Building" button now remains visible even when the previously selected building is canceled or destroyed. In these cases, the button will queue a new order of the same building type using the default or recent material(s) selection.
  12. Duplicants now wear their equipped clothing when displayed in the Skills Screen.
  13. Added UI SFX when toggling between mouse and controller UI modes.
  14. Added additional toilet diagnostic for critical bladder status. (i.e. A really-gotta-pee warning).
  15. Improve the consistency of the visual fade at map edges.
  16. Moved Gas Range’s CO2 output exhaust down one cell.
  17. Added short descriptions to Disease/Germ database entries.
  18. Added cycle recipe arrows to fabricator recipe side screens.
  19. Increased Arcade Cabinet Morale Boost to +3. Stress Reduction increased to -15% per cycle. Reduced heat generation by 50%.
  20. Nosh Beans are now classified as a cooking ingredient and can be stored in a Refrigerator.
  21. Renamed Cooked Fish to Cooked Seafood and revised its artwork.
  22. Revised Surf’n’Turf artwork.
  23. Added recipe descriptions to Recipe Details screen.
  24. Food recipes now list attribute modifiers in food product effect tooltips.
  25. Right-clicking now closes the Skills Table Screen unless the cursor is over a priority box, in which case the priority is decremented.
  26. Neutronium dig commands are automatically canceled.
  27. Updated all localizations.


  1. Worldgen mods now require a restart for changes to take effect.
  2. Upgraded Unity version to 2020.3.30f1 (should not affect mods).
  3. Added new DevTools, which are implemented using the Dear ImGUI library. They are completely unsupported and subject to change (including RegisterDevTool) but may be of use debugging your mods.

Spaced Out! only

  1. Reduced construction mass of the Steam Engine and allowed construction with any refined metal. Does not affect the base game Steam Engine.
  2. Clear launch path condition no longer requires the adjacent tiles of the Spacefarer Module to be clear.
  3. Rovers can now climb down a tile and jump across the gap. They could already do the reverse.
  4. Artifact Analysis errand now belongs to both Researching and Decorating errand groups.
  5. Botanical Analyzer errand now belongs to both Researching and Farming errand groups.
  6. Hooked up new Rocket Fuel and Rocket Oxidizer diagnostics icons.



  1. Improved performance of sneezes and snores.
  2. Sped up opening the Load Game Screen significantly.
  3. Sped up the New Game screen significantly.
  4. Significantly optimized critters finding food.
  5. Improved Resources Screen performance and reduced performance impact of the screen while closed.
  6. Improved pinned resources panel performance.
  7. Optimized rocket module connector graphics updating.
  8. Optimized rendering status items.
  9. Improved performance of Vitals, Consumables, and Priority Management screens.
  10. Improved performance when hovering over UI elements.
  11. Improved Build Menu performance and reduced impact of screen while closed.
  12. Small optimization to checking if pipes are connected to buildings.
  13. Small optimization to lighting settings updating.
  14. Small improvements to UI toggle performance.

Memory optimizations

  1. Cleaned up a number of memory leaks that were causing memory to balloon after each save/load.
  2. Significantly reduced pathfinding memory by packing data more tightly and removing unused data.
  3. Cleaned up Decor provider memory. On very large bases this saves 60-120MB.
  4. Reduced memory usage of overlay textures.
  5. Savings of roughly 237MB in animation texture data.
  6. Reduced texture memory of background textures by 276MB.
  7. Removed animation data files after they are loaded, saving 165-200MB.

Spaced Out! only

  1. Improved Spaced Out! Starmap UI performance.


All versions

  1. Sim: Removed energy damping to allow adjacent cells in a vacuum to better balance temperature.
  2. Fixed issue where geysers would sometimes freeze their output. Only applies after the next save/load.
  3. Job Suitability achievement progress no longer displays incorrect information when the current cycle has not succeeded.
  4. Enable Proximity no longer disables Overjoyed responses.
  5. Fixed dirt layering issue with Aero Pots when a Duplicant is eating at a Mess Table underneath it.
  6. Fixed issue that would lead to an eventual crash if enough animations are played.
  7. Fixed crash displaying the file error dialog.
  8. Fixed crash when a Duplicant sleeping on the floor wakes up.
  9. Fixed issue where music would sometimes be out of sync.
  10. Fixed issue where select element details were not updating in the details panel if you selected and canceled cells multiple times.
  11. Fixed a crash that could occur on the assignment screen.
  12. Polymer Press’ output cell is now consistent regardless of rotation.
  13. Incubators and Pedestals now use the correct chore priority types.
  14. Super Productive Duplicants can no longer instantly dig up Neutronium.
  15. Fixed issue causing detail screen collapsible panels to sometimes display incorrectly when collapsed.
  16. Fixed crash that could occur when mousing over empty colony summary screen charts.
  17. Insulated Glass Forge output storage to prevent extreme temperatures.
  18. Removed unused Sushi from the game.
  19. Fixed issue where save/loading during printing a care package would duplicate the items.
  20. Patch notes screen header is now translatable.
  21. Fixed issue causing timelapse playback screen to render behind other menus.
  22. Fixed Canister Emptier Auto Bottler setting not working.
  23. Save migration now works properly even if the name has trailing whitespace.
  24. Fixed Ice-E Fan minimum temperature reached tooltip not displaying the minimum temperature.
  25. Fixed issue where Duplicants could become entombed in floor tiles if multiple Duplicants built tiles in the same area.
  26. Fixed plant atmosphere tooltip for Waterweed and Thimble Reed.
  27. Clarified Space Heater not working in a vacuum tooltip.

Critter bugs

  1. Grazing critters (Dreckos and Pips) now correctly gain calories proportional to plant growth consumed instead of maxing out their stomach after a nibble.
  2. Pacus now correctly flop towards liquid while off-screen.
  3. Pacus no longer get stuck in pools of mixed liquids.
  4. Gulp Fishes no longer entomb themselves while creating bubbles.
  5. Fixed glum critters sometimes not being groomed.
  6. Fixed Fish Feeder removing double the amount from storage.
  7. Fixed flying critters getting stuck in liquid.
  8. Fixed Pacus infinitely falling.
  9. Fixed Fish Release counter not working.
  10. Builds which count critters now work correctly on load and when the room size is changed.
  11. Added missing Happiness icon for critters and hooked up missing tooltip.
  12. Added missing egg Viability icon.
  13. Plug Slugs no longer generate overheat warnings at night.
  14. Fixed flopping Pacus not being overcrowded.
  15. Fixed Pufts getting stuck in liquid.


  1. Pacu’s description explains they can live in other liquid types besides water.
  2. Added missing Thermo-Nullifier Promo lore entry.
  3. Fixed missing Russian translations for "Building.".
  4. Fixed obsolete links for Super-Duperhard Digging in Oily biome.
  5. Added description strings for germs.

Gamepad and Steam Deck

  1. The word "Click" and related words are now swapped for "Press" when using a gamepad.
  2. Disabled right-click/"B" button/negative action drag camera functionality when using a gamepad.
  3. Mouse icons on tool hover text are now replaced with gamepad glyphs when using a gamepad.
  4. Tool hover text now shows a default unbound glyph when affirmative and negative actions aren’t bound.
  5. Cursor speed is now scaled with screen resolution when using a gamepad.
  6. Fixed issues causing cursor speed to be inconsistent when using a gamepad.
  7. Scrolling the Duplicant info panel in the Duplicant select screens is now possible with a gamepad.
  8. Right-clicking the "Copy Building" button is no longer interpreted as a left-click.
  9. Disabled non-functional hard drive browsing buttons when using a Steam Deck.
  10. Scrolling the Research screen, Skills screen, and Spaced Out! Starmap screen cameras with a gamepad now feels smoother.
  11. Fixed issue causing the Priorities screen to block camera zooming when using a gamepad.
  12. Fixed issue preventing gamepads from scrolling the details panel when the Spaced Out! Starmap was open.
  13. Control rebinding screen is now disabled when using a Steam Deck. Steam Deck control rebinding is done through the Steam controller configuration overlay.
  14. Fixed screen resolution dropdown misbehaving when opened with a gamepad.
  15. Fixed issue preventing Duplicant role dropdown in Duplicant selection screen from being scrollable when using a gamepad.
  16. Fixed issue preventing tools from being deselectable when moving the cursor with a controller.
  17. Removed Build Menu Up/Down/Left/Right options from Steam controller configuration menus as it has no behavior in game.

Spaced Out! only

  1. Fixed rockets getting stuck having reached their destination but never landed.
  2. Fixed a crash that could occur if a Duplicant died while peeing.
  3. Fixed crash entering Temporal Tear related to rocket restrictions.
  4. Fixed crash related to getting the radiation absorption of an invalid cell.
  5. Beetas can no longer harvest Uranium Ore from airlock doors.
  6. Fixed broken link for Telescope in space travel tutorial.
  7. Rocket Control Station hands now match the suit a Duplicant is wearing.
  8. Heights of Rocket Loaders reduced to match artwork.
  9. Worldgen: Fixed an issue where the Temporal Tear Opener was misaligned.
  10. Fixed issue where worldgen would hang if it failed to place all asteroids in the cluster.
  11. Fixed issues related to interacting with the details panel on a different world.
  12. Fixed Plug Slugs sometimes leaving behind invisible generators.
  13. Mutations header is now localizable.
  14. Potential fix for Materials Study Terminal not creating errands after finishing research.
  15. Fixed rocket modules getting stranded if the build location is invalid.
  16. Rocket modules cannot be built/added/removed/swapped when viewing the rocket interior.


  1. Fixed links to Telescope and Enclosed Telescope.
  2. Edited nuclear waste strings.
  3. Edited the Radioactive Contaminants database entry to include effects of temperature, pressure and time.
  4. Inserted links and formatting for Radiation database entry.
  5. Fixed broken links in Space Travel database entry for Rocket Piloting and Telescope.
  6. Fixed obsolete links for Super-Duperhard Digging in Niobium biome.