Update v218235

  1. Pipe contents should no longer reset their temperature.
  2. Loading a game with old audio drivers should no longer cause a crash.
  3. Input bindings screen will show some feedback for when you should press a key.
  4. Harvest bonus should now display the proper amount of points earned.
  5. Selecting clothing should no longer cause a crash.
  6. Liquid should now properly flow through hydroponic tiles.
  7. Plants should now display the air pressure and temperature they use for their conditions.
  8. Maturity tooltips distinguis between stifled and ready for harvest.
  9. Geysers should no longer overpressurize.
  10. Compost should now produce warmer fertilizer.
  11. Pumps are no longer biased towards sampling gases/liquids in their bottom left corner.
  12. Pumps should now properly report whether they are blocked.
  13. Clicking on follow cam a second time disables the follow cam.
  14. Last used save file can now be uploaded as part of the crash report.
  15. Multiple doors beside each other should no longer freeze the area around them and should no longer crash.
  16. Hydroponic tiles can now be emptied.
  17. Fertilizer maker should now use it’s internal storage even if it’s input pipe is empty.
  18. Dupes should no longer use cooking utensils to clean the toilet(this was also the cause of some of the crashes people were getting).
  19. Geysers should no longer emit four times more mass than indicated by the ui.
  20. Gas/liquid permeable tiles will try and displace ore, gas and liquid when constructed.
  21. Loading text is now localizable.
  22. Dupes should no longer jump off the manual generator to get to a massage table only to have to go back to the manual generator because the massage table has run out of power.
  23. Things marked for sweeping should still be marked for sweeping after a save load.
  24. You should now be able to build wire bridges on top of heavy watt wires.
  25. Added even more missing Korean characters to the Korean font.
  26. Changed the default font for localized languages to RobotoCondensed since it looks/fits better.
  27. Batteries should no longer appear idle when connected to a transformer.
  28. Plant status items should now tell you when you’ve irrigated them with the wrong liquid.