Update v235856


  1. Oxygen Not Included has received a whole new collection of Hydrocarbon resources, along with research and buildings to manipulate them to your benefit. Among these new Hydrocarbons are Crude Oil and Petroleum, which you can use to manufacture versatile plastics for advanced technologies and luxury commodities.

Key Features

  1. Oil Biome: Journey down into the asteroid’s depths to obtain the valuable Crude Oil that awaits in this new biome. You may even make some new creature friends along the way.
  2. Oil Wells and Geysers: Seek out Oil Geysers and tap them with Oil Wells to extract their precious fuel. You may need to sacrifice some fresh water in the process, however.
  3. Petroleum Generator: Use the new Oil Refinery to produce Petroleum and fuel your new high-powered Petroleum Generator.
  4. Plastics: The Polymer Press will allow you to start manufacturing your own plastics, unlocking a new tier of advanced and germ-resistant materials. Try not to heat them up though; Naphtha byproducts are no use to anybody.


  1. Suits are heavy-duty hazard gear designed to keep your Duplicants breathing in any environment. With these new additions, you control when and where Duplicants must wear protective suits as they go about their work and keep your base running.

Key Features

  1. Atmo Suits: Crafted at the new Exosuit Station, Atmo Suits increase digging speed and shield Duplicants from unlivable temperatures, gases, and conditions. They may slow your Dupes down a bit, but being slow is better than being dead.
  2. Checkpoints and Docks: Use new Suit Checkpoints to mark off areas where Duplicants must wear Atmo Suits and prevent them from entering dangerous places unprotected. Once done they’ve finished their business, you can store and refill your exosuits back at the Suit Docks located next to your Checkpoint.
  3. New Overlay: Enter the Exosuit Overlay to view docks and the checkpoints marking where Duplicants must change into suits.

And More

  1. Rooms: When areas you’ve built fulfill certain requirements, they will now be recognized as designated rooms. For example, an area with a toilet, sink, and a door will now be recognized by Duplicants as a "Bathroom". Completing rooms will grant bonuses to the buildings within them and make Duplicants more efficient.
  2. New Overlay: Enter the Rooms Overlay to view all current completed rooms in your base and the bonuses being granted by them.
  3. New Creatures and Buildings:
  4. Sink: Tired of filling and emptying Wash Basins all the day long? Well now you can build your own plumbable Sinks, complete with clean and dirty water pipes!
  5. Plastic Ladders and Tiles: Use your brand new plastics to improve the infrastructure in your colony. Plastic ladders and tiles are faster to run on, and their natural antiseptic properties will even keep germ spread at bay!
  6. Slicksters: These slippery little scoundrels can help you recycle your colony’s excessive carbon dioxide production into sweet, sweet fuel. Plus they’re cute!
  7. Comfy Beds: The meaning of the word "discomfort" is sure to fade from collective consciousness once you build your Dupes these fancy beds.
  8. Heavi-Watt Joint Plate: Run Heavi-Watt Wire through walls with this industrial joint plate.
  9. Apothecary Unretired: The Apothecary has been reintegrated and can now be used to create general medicines for sick Duplicants, or tasty Vitamin Chews to boost individual immune systems.
  10. Research Tree Changes: Existing techs have been separated out into more chunks so you have more choices about how to tackle your tech problems, and costs have been rebalanced to fit.
  11. Improved Daily Report Breakdowns: Reports now display more varied and accurate information about your colony’s activities throughout the day, for example - how many embarrassing bathroom accidents your Duplicants had that cycle.
  12. Disease Mass Limits: New disease mass limits mean germs can no longer reproduce ad infinitum, which is nothing to sneeze at.
  13. [BETA] Simplified Chinese Translation: We’ve added a new BETA translation in Simplified Chinese. Additionally, community translations are still available and we are working to provide more translations for many other languages as well.
  14. Tons of bug fixes, rebalances, QOL additions and more!
  15. A big thank-you to those of you who joined in on the Oil Upgrade Open Testing - your reports, feedback and contributions mean a lot to us and we really appreciate you lending us your time to test the game.
  16. Enjoy your time with the Oil Upgrade, and we’ll see you in space!


  1. New Oil Biome.
  2. New Oil Geysers.
  3. New Plant: Swamp Lily.
  4. New Items: Medicine.
  5. New Clothing: Exosuits.
  6. New Buildings: Apothecary, Plastic Tile, Plastic Ladder, Heavi-Watt Joint Plate, Petroleum Generator, Animal Trap, Animal Relocator, High Pressure Gas Vent, Oil Well, Oil Refinery, Polymer Press, Sink, Comfy Bed, Exosuit Dock, Exosuit Checkpoint.
  7. New Elements: Plastic, Crude Oil, Petroleum, Naphtha, Diamond.
  8. New feature: Rooms.
  9. Bluff Briars should now give you the reason they can’t grow instead of just saying {reasons].
  10. Blocked Bottle Emptiers will now dump their liquid on themselves as opposed to destroying the wall next to them.
  11. Requesting a building to be disabled now makes that building prioritizable.
  12. Liquids support partial boiling, meaning if a liquid cell is next to a really hot cell with enough energy to cause it to boil, some of the liquid will boil before the entire cell reaches its boiling point.
  13. Access control door permissions should work properly when rotated.
  14. Clicking Cancel/Deconstruct will no longer turn off the currently enabled overlay.
  15. The simulation will now attempt to catch up if the game is running too slow.
  16. Increased Compost fertilizer temperature.
  17. Germ overpopulation halflife now kills in proportion to the total germ count instead of just the portion that is overpopulated.
  18. Transformers/Batteries should now be properly disabled when using the Disable Building button.
  19. Rejuvenator now only heals diseases instead of only healing health.
  20. Liquid drops should no longer spawn inside of Airflow Tiles when the tile above them is cracking.
  21. Entombed plants now wilt instead of die.
  22. Having certain keys bound to the same action should no longer cause a crash.
  23. Pufts should now consume gas from the cell they are currently in instead of the cell they spawned on.
  24. Improved overlay performance.
  25. Improved Decor Overlay highlights the objects that affect a given cell.
  26. Narcoleptic Dupes should no longer play the "sleeping on ladder" anim if they fall asleep as they’re jumping off a ladder and onto a tile.
  27. Point of interest plant/buildings should have more appropriate starting temperatures.
  28. Different beds recover stamina at different rates.
  29. Dupe personalities should now be properly displayed when using a translation.
  30. Water Filters, Transformers and Carbon Skimmers can now be flipped horizontally.
  31. A single cell of gas which cannot be displaced should no longer stop a large amount of liquid from flowing through it.
  32. Thimble Reeds should no longer incorrectly stop growing due to pressure.
  33. Daily Travel Time, Time Breakdown and Disease Status are now expandable in the Reports screen.
  34. Dupes will no longer go to the bathroom at night. They will hold it in until the morning.
  35. Doors should no longer close on Dupes if multiple Dupes pass through the same door at once.
  36. Duplicant wounding no longer prevents Duplicant death.
  37. Hide health bars of buildings in unexplored areas.
  38. Doctored Duplicants continue healing even if they leave the bed.
  39. Previewing a light-producing building no longer actually adds light to the world.
  40. Fixed a crash when using the Hydrofan.
  41. Plants should fully grow even if they are offscreen.
  42. Fixed a crash that could occur when using text input boxes.
  43. Fixed a bug where you could grow two plants on top of each other using a Farm Tile in combination with a Planter Box.
  44. Thimble Reeds now produce seeds.
  45. Duplicants should no longer puke one last time after having Food Poisoning.
  46. Digging out a block of sand on the same frame it was about to fall should no longer spawn a bottle of the gas/liquid that replaced the sand.
  47. Door access controls no longer prevent Dupes from walking through them if the door is set to open.
  48. Dupes will no longer shower until they die if they are infected with Slime Lung.
  49. Priority buttons should now appear immediately after clicking sweep on a piece of ore.
  50. Gas displacement should no longer have a directional bias.
  51. Flatulence is no longer reported as polluted oxygen.
  52. Stress responses can now be disabled on the custom game settings screen.
  53. World gen seed can now be set in the custom game setting screen instead of from the options menu.
  54. Debug tools now have the ability to compare regions.
  55. New BETA translation in Simplified Chinese created by Klei.