Update v242372


  1. A brand new collection of automation-based items have been introduced into Oxygen Not Included, allowing you to wield Boolean logic to run your base at absolute peak efficiency. Logic sensors, switches, and gates are among a few of the items you can now use to turn your base into a literal well-oiled machine.
  2. Logic Gates: AND, OR, XOR, NOT, Buffer, and Filter gates are now available for devising and building you own logic circuitry in your base.

Sensors and Shutoffs

  1. Thermo, Atmo and Liquid Sensors: Detect ambient air pressure, temperature, and liquid pressure with these sensors to turn your machines on and off. Construct built-in safeguards against overheating and high pressures, or just turn your machines off automatically when they’re no longer needed.
  2. Clock Sensor: Duplicants crave structure! Start scheduling your Duplicants’ day cycles with these clock sensors, allowing you to determine the exact time of day your systems should turn on and off. You could even turn out the lights when it’s time for the colony go to bed.
  3. Weight Plate: Trigger your automation grids when creatures, ore, or Duplicants press down on these new floor switches.
  4. Signal Switch: Automation just doesn’t feel right without a human touch - or a Duplicant one at least. Use these manual switches to input Active or Standby signals into automated systems at your leisure.
  5. Liquid, Gas, and Power Shutoffs: Use automation to precisely control when and where precious resources flow in your base.
  6. Duplicant Checkpoints: Combine these doors with other switches and sensors and you can control exactly when and where Duplicants are allowed to travel. Prevent Dupes from entering dangerous environments, or signal them to travel to remote areas only when valuable resources are available.
  7. New Building Inputs: Automation ports have been retroactively added to all existing compatible buildings, meaning they’re ready and waiting to be automized!
  8. Automation Overlay: Enter the Automation Overlay to see your new circuitry in all its glory.


  1. A new mid-tier family of construction materials has been added between raw resources and plastics, allowing you to use refining techniques to purifying your metals into more efficient refined metals. These refined metals can be used to construct new buildings, or to create improved versions of existing buildings, such as wires and tiles to upgrade your infrastructure colonywide.
  2. Rock Granulator: Crushing down raw minerals with this Granulator allows you to renewably produce sand, and yields you a bit of refined metal as well!
  3. Metal Refinery: New metal refineries allow to efficiently process refined metals in bulk, but be warned - the runoff can get a bit toasty.
  4. Metal Wires: New wire types such as Conductive Wire and Heavi Conductive Wire have been added using new refined metals, improving wattage handling and decor.
  5. Metal Tiles: These tiles majorly improve decor and transfer heat quickly through your base.

And More

  1. Fire Poles: Got somewhere you need to go, fast? These fire poles are the answer! ...Unless you’re trying to climb back up, that is.
  2. Aerial Creature Lures: This attractive device can lure those pesky flying creatures that until now have evaded all your traps. Set it with some bait and those Pufts and Shinebugs won’t be able to resist!
  3. Mini Gas and Liquid Pumps: Cute, tiny little pumps are now available to build for those situations where a regular pump is just too much. They’re both power efficient, too!
  4. Tempshift Plates: Slow down or accelerate the rate of heat transfer in certain areas using new Tempshift wall plates. Their efficacy depends on the type of material you use to build them, so choose wisely!
  5. New Ruins Setpieces: What new things are hiding within your world, waiting to be discovered? You’ll need to explore to find out!
  6. Tons of bug fixes, rebalances, QOL additions, and more!


  1. Existing sensors and some switches have been reworked as automation buildings and can no longer be connected directly to power grids.
  2. Oil and other hydrocarbons have new solid states, and will now freeze when reaching low enough temperatures.
  3. The Research Tree has been expanded and revised to include new buildings and improve the experience of researching new technologies.
  4. Finally, we’d like to give a big thank-you to everyone who participated in the Automation Upgrade Preview - as always, your reports, feedback, and contributions have been especially helpful in developing new content for this upgrade.